Singtel Nokia N8 Event: David Archuleta Showcase – Video Within

This is the second part of Singtel Nokia N8 Event. Click here to see David Archuleta during the conference. The second part is for fans. David Archuleta performed 5 songs during the showcase.

Here are the songs that he performed. It is pasted on the ground with the chords.

The fans were handed some pictures of David Archuleta. They went crazy snapping pictures of them.

We waited for a long time before the compere appears. The compere was The Muttons

David’s guitarist.

Finally, David Archuleta appeared and the screaming started (and never end).

He likes to mingle with the audiences. This is one of my favorite pic.

These are the rest. Enjoy…

Here is David Archuleta performing Crush. He mentioned that he is nervous as this may be one of the first time he is performing solo with his electronics organ.

Click Here for David Archuleta Higher Resolution Pictures


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