HopShopGo for Your Overseas Online Shopping Needs

Who has problem buying things at US online portal? I have. They might need a local (means US) mailing address, others need local (means US issued) credit cards. It is frustrating but it is the fact.

HopShopGo might be your solution to all these problems. It has over 300,000 merchants in the US. You can choose from many categories from fashion, books, sports, health to electronics. Here are their top shop. I am sure you will recognize most of them.

Before you dismiss it as another non-trusting online portal, you should look at who is behind HopShopGo.

HopShopGo.com is a partnership between PayPal and comGateway to create a more secure, convenient and fun online shopping experience for PayPal users.

I use Paypal for my online needs. The reason why I love Paypal is because you need not key in mailing/personal information or credit cards number. It is easy, safe and fast.

Most of the time, I used Paypal for digital products and NOT physical products for the simple reason that I might need a US mailing address (which I don’t).

HopShopGo has the solution for you (and me).


The name says it all. This is for merchants who do not accept your credit card (simply because they are Non-US issued credit cards) and/or do not ship to address other than US. Use this service to buy your favorite products. Some benefit that I have listed down.

  • Shop at any sites in the United States.
  • Save on your shipping costs when you shop with multiple sites and combine your international delivery.
  • No U.S. sales tax.
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Click Here to Check Out BuyForMe Service

You can buy items from different shops and HopShopGo can consolidate them together in one shipment. You save on multiple shipping cost. However, do note that there is a service charge from HopShopGo.


Some US merchants may accept your mode of payment. However, they might not ship to the desire destination (i.e. Singapore) or their shipping rate is not attractive. I am sure some of you have encountered them before.

HopShopGo actually provide you a US mailing address. So, if you encounter such merchant, use the ShipForMe service. You will just need to key in the US mailing address provided by HopShopGo.

Click Here to Check Out ShipForMe Service

BTW, there is also a Daily Deal section with deals up to 60% off. Bear in mind that they are time sensitive.

Go Shop Now!

I went ahead to make an account and check out the stores and products available. You know what is cool, I can buy things at various stores, consolidate them and make one shipment to Singapore.

Here are some of the things that I like.

Kodak Playsport High-Definition Camcorder with 2″ LCD Monitor

Do you know that Singapore is not selling this product? Last time I checked, I need to order online from Kodak website. Now, you can take your time to go through the HopShopGo directory to see if any of them are offering the items. I saw this at BestBuy.com.

Next item is a Boombox.

Urban Outfitters Recycle Boombox

I don’t see this in Singapore. Actually, they are made of recycled material and have many designs selling at less than US$20.

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Still reading? Go shop at HopShopGo now! I am going to buy something from HopShopGo now.

You should try it too! Let me know your experience after that 🙂 .