TomTom Bring Navigational Devices to Singapore Market, Price Within

TomTom is finally in Singapore. Yesterday (30th Sep), TomTom announces some exciting navigational devices that is catered for Singapore. They are TomTom XL 250 (SGD 269), TomTom XXL 550 (SGD 329) and TomTom GO 750 (SGD 399). Press Release after the break.

Premium navigation technology arrives in Singapore with the award-winning TomTom GPS range

~ TomTom brings award-winning car navigation products to Singapore ~

Singapore, 30 September 2010 – TomTom, the world’s leading provider of location and navigation solutions, today announced the arrival of the multi-award winning portable navigation devices (PNDs), the TomTom GO 750, TomTom XXL 550 and TomTom XL 250 in Singapore.
These devices bring together TomTom premium features that are appreciated by drivers all over the world including:

› Unrivalled ease of use
› Award winning navigation software delivering best directions
› TomTom IQ Routes™ – historical road speeds built in to the map directing drivers the fastest way, any time of day
› Most up-to-date maps with one-year BONUS Map Update Service and daily map updates via TomTom Map Share™ technology
› Extensive industry-leading safety features including Advanced Lane Guidance and text to speech
› Ultra-compact design with EasyPort™ mount on TomTom XL and XXL and the Active Dock on TomTom GO for premium one-hand docking.

“The TomTom GO; TomTom XXL and TomTom XL devices offer a great navigation experience for Singaporean drivers, including unique TomTom favourites like Map Share™, IQ Routes™ and Advanced Lane Guidance, ensuring they will be travelling the fastest and smartest way”, said Chris Kearney, TomTom’s Vice President Marketing, Asia Pacific. “We are very excited to bring high-quality navigation products to Singapore and we are confident Singaporean drivers will embrace the ease of use, superior mapping, safety features and the quality navigation experience of TomTom PNDs.”

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Superior Maps

All TomTom PNDs in Singapore will come with maps of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei pre-installed, allowing Singaporean drivers unrivalled freedom to travel across the region. TomTom maps are of very high quality and are produced by our licensing business unit TomTom maps are used extensively by many partners across the Asia Pacific region.

TomTom maps are updated every three months, ensuring drivers always have access to the latest map. Each TomTom PND comes with a latest map guarantee, allowing owners an update to the latest map, via our free TomTom HOME software within 30 days of first use. Each TomTom PND also comes with a BONUS 12 months Map Update Service, allowing users free downloads of the latest TomTom map for the first year of use.

In addition TomTom Map Share™ allows our users to make instant changes to maps on their TomTom PND and to share these changes with other users. Access to TomTom Map Share™ is free, and allows access to our community of over 45 million users worldwide.

Best Directions

All TomTom PNDs feature our award winning NavCore software which has been embraced by drivers worldwide. Our software ensures that the optimal route is planned and provides very clear directions through clear visual and spoken instructions. Our PNDs also include spoken street names for clearly pronouncing the next street to turn into, Advanced Lane Guidance with photo junctions views for navigating complex intersections and postcode search for Singapore. Our map contains an extensive set of points of interest and address points to ensure you get to your destination as quickly and safely as possible.

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IQ Routes

The TomTom Singapore map includes one of TomTom’s key navigation technologies – TomTom IQ Routes™ which ensures the fastest routing by time of day, and accurate arrival times Unique to TomTom, actual speed data driven on roads is collected from millions of users to calculate the fastest routes at any point in time. TomTom’s smart routing technology takes into account rush hour, traffic lights, zebra crossings, school exits or even shopping crowds, every minute of every day.
With TomTom IQ Routes™, we know how drivers behave and we use this knowledge to calculate routes that take our users the fastest way, no matter the time of day. TomTom speed profile data is constantly measured and updated utilising an installed base of 45 million TomTom GPS devices globally – equating to over two trillion speed measurements to date.

Easy to Use

Every TomTom PND is designed with ease of use in mind. TomTom software is intuitive to use ensuring that drivers are on their way as quickly as possible. Our unique free TomTom HOME software allows easy updating of our devices and access to our bonus map updates, TomTom Map Share changes and customisation options for voices, car icons, splash screens and more.
Our products are designed with ease of use in mind with the EasyPort™ mount on the XL 250 and XXL 550 providing an efficient means of easily mounting to a car windscreen and – folding away for easy storage. The active dock on the GO 750 enables one-handed windscreen mounting and simple and secure docking of the device.

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Safety as a priority

Safety is a key priority in the development of all TomTom products. The new TomTom GO 750, TomTom XXL 550 and TomTom XL 250 come with comprehensive safety features, so drivers always have direct access to safety and roadside assistance information wherever they go. The extensive ‘Help Me!’ menu includes information such as emergency and breakdown service numbers, directions to the nearest hospital, car maintenance advice and first aid instructions. Advanced safety preferences also allow the user to set their own requirements regarding timed driving breaks and menu accessibility options. The TomTom GO 750 also features hands free calling via Bluetooth further enhancing safe driving.

TomTom PNDs will be sold through major consumer electronics retailers across Singapore from early October 2010. Recommended retail prices are as follows

TomTom XL 250 – SGD 269
TomTom XXL 550 – SGD 329
TomTom GO 750 – SGD 399