F1 Singapore 2010 Red Bull Garage Tour – Video Within

It is the third year that Singapore is hosting the F1 Night Race and my first year to visit it. Thanks to LG, I got an exclusive tour to the Paddock area to view the Red Bull garage. It was an eye opener someone like me who is an idiot when it comes to Formula One.

To get to the Paddock area, you will need to get pass the security.

If you are going to F1 Night Race these few days, travel light or you will spend some time for security check.

This is the way to the Paddock area.

Thanks to LG for providing us the VIP passes, the entrance to it was a breeze.

This is the Paddock Area. On the left is the officials and teams’ exclusive area. On the right are the garage. The positioning of the garage and etc are based on last year teams’ position.

Oops, you can’t see the left. Here is a better view 🙂 .

Before we enter the garage where they fix up Mark Webber’s car, here the Team Red Bull at work, preparing the tires.

Thanks to Andrew, I managed to understand the advance technology behind the F1. The tire is one of the important aspect in a race. The temperature has to be carefully controlled.

Notice the socket by the side of the tire bag? It is use for controlling the temperature and etc. Here is a close up.

I am not allow to take pictures inside the garage. There are too many technology involved and secrets (of their trade) to let us jeopardize, haha.

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We were only allow to take the front view. During the tour, the terms like Suction, Lift, Exhaust, Fins and etc are used constantly. When we had a chance to take a look at the steering wheel, I am convinced that it takes a fit, clear headed person to drive a F1 race car. The steering wheel is actually a computer with feedback of over 100 sensors to it. The buttons on the steering wheels control certain part of the car.

* This is NOT the one I have seen but a model from Red Bull taken from Fine Model Car.

After listening for half an hour on the F1 car and its technology, I think I better stay away from it. Firstly, the seat is not comfortable (even though it is customized to the driver’s body shape). Secondly, the awkward (but safe) position of the body and the limited angle of view inside the F1 car. Thirdly, the heat and G-force on the body during the race.

It takes a great athlete to drive a F1 car. Now, I understand why many of them are great athletes.

Here is Red Bull F1 Racing Car in skeleton form as they are rushing against time to build it (after arriving by air).

A close up of the back.

Here is the rear portion of the Red Bull Racing Car.

Too bad, did not manage to see Mark Webber but taken a picture of his name as a consolation.

Thanks again to LG for the great tour and explanation of the F1 race. BTW, did you know that a LG washing machine has 15 features that are similar to a F1 car? I was told that many would be impressed if I asked this question 🙂 .

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