PS3 Firmware 3.50 With 3D Blu-Ray Supported Available

Remember a few days ago, it was mentioned that PlayStation 3 will get firmware upgrade to 3.50 on 21st September? It seems that it has already reached some people.

Basically, as what the above picture stated, it can support 3D Blu-Ray disc and can output (via HDMI) 3D video content to 3D TV.

Additional new features in the 3.50 update include:

  • Facebook Integration: Developers will be able to create PS3 games that have more interaction with Facebook. Once compatible PS3 titles are available, PS3 users can choose to access public information on Facebook – including user name, profile, uploaded photos and friends list – to enhance their gameplay experience.
  • Grief Reporting Function: Users can send claim reports directly from the XMB for any inappropriate messages they receive from other PlayStation Network users. This feature is accessible from the option menu of the messages list in the FRIENDS category.

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