Google Introduces Walk Navigation and Street View Smart Navigation – Video Within

Google has always been improving Google maps. Today, they introduces Walking Navigation and Street View Smart Navigation. I guess the ones that benefit most are the Android users (naturally).

Walking Navigation

You will need to get the latest Google Maps 4.5 on Android to have this function. It actually utilizes the pedestrian pathway to navigate to the destination. Of course, don’t blame it if the map is not updated.

Street View Smart Navigation (Beta)

This is a beta product. Remember how frustrating it is to use the arrow key to move the forward the street view? Now, Google has “solved” the problem by introducing the Pegman in the Street View. Like on a map, you drag the pegman to a further location on Street View and immediately, it will move the Street View scene to that location.

Watch this short video to understand.

Finally, Google also make it simply by making the search bar always available.

Click Here to Read the Full Details from Google Mobile Blog


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