How to Make Your iPhone 4 Looks like a Leica M8

If you think that your iPhone 4 is too plain or you wish you have a Leica M8, here is how you can satisfy your craving. Make the best of both worlds by a cover and a nice picture of Leica M8. Forget about the performance  but I think the end results is awesome.

Here is how you can do it.

  • Get a Griffin Reveal Case
  • Get a Leica M8 Picture and set to correct size.
    • Click Here for the Picture
    • Recommended size to print out is 1369 x 2717 pixels, and should be 2.282″ x 4.528″ or 5.8 cm x 11.5 cm at 600 dpi
  • Cut the necessary hole for the iPhone 4 Flash.

That is it! End results will look like this.

Thanks to BeyondtheTech from MacRumors  for the creativity.

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