Canon Wonder Camera from Prototype to Actual in 2030 – Video Within

If you can believe what you are going to see, this may be the future camera that you will hold. Meet Canon protype Wonder Camera. It is a camera that will NOT be distinguishable if it is a camera or a camcorder. It has resolution of MegaPixels beyond our current imagination, a lens that can zoom and take macro pictures and video recording that every frame can become an image and processing algorithm that can make any part of the video/image usable.

This Canon Wonder Camera is showcased in Shanghai Expo 2010. It might become a reality in 2030 (2 decades later). Based on the report, it has unspecific high storage, only take video (which each still can become an image) and has multiple face detection capability. It has only a single lens that can take macro or zoom to 500mm.

While it is just a prototype, Canon is still able to show some of their concept during the showcase. For example, the multiple face detection, the zoom that can focus on any image. Of course, if you looked at the video carefully, you will realize that the girl is carrying a backpack that may consist of extra peripherals to make the functions work. Nevertheless, this will be Canon’s direction for the future.

Watch the video.