Mobinauts Windows Phone 7 Preview Event and My thoughts on Windows Phone 7

Mobinauts organized a meetup with fellow forum members and at the same time, they managed to convince Microsoft to show off the phone to us. Of course, this event is more for developers to know what Microsoft has installed for them for the next generation OS.

I am not a developer. I went there just to see and feel Windows Phone 7. Of course, I love the view from the 21st floor of Microsoft HQ at One Marina Boulevard. This time, I chose to take the shots at the CBD area.

Nice like? Taken with my Canon PowerShot S90.

Actually, Microsoft is very careful in this event. The information that they showed us is already made known to us on the Internet. Here are some takeaways.

If you are a developer in Singapore, do take note of the URL.

Chis help us to understand more about Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft has been showing the world their Windows Phone 7 Prototype. It is an LG phone with Qwerty keyboard. We were shown the same device too!

I love the way Windows Phone 7 shows the mail. It looks more interesting without the standard borders and etc. It looks clean and refreshing. However, I just could not understand why they make the main menu so awful and so uncustomizable.

I guess the above is nothing special. Although many places already leaked out the news that they will launch Windows Phone 7 in October, nothing was mentioned in this event. Just a simple date of “end of year” availability.

Finally, got to touch the phone. Microsoft is very sensitive on us taking pictures and posting it on the Internet. However, I am sure these few will not hurt them. We have seen it all over the Internet.

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And here is the keyboard.

I have to put a disclaimer:

Whatever you have seen here is prototype device and unreleashed Windows Phone 7 OS. They are subject to changes anytime and the end product may or may not be the same as above. These images are for references only.

My take on Windows Phone 7

  • It is a nice start from Microsoft.
  • It may work if the development is fast (more apps, more business integration, less bugs).
  • As it will not support flash initially, people may apply the “wait and see” attitude on the product.
  • It is good that it has integration to Xbox Live and may also becomes part of a bigger integration (I am thinking tablet and etc). Mobile gaming is definitely the right direction. With Zune integration, it is great too!
  • The close environment may put some fans off. The only way to get an app is through Marketplace (at this moment). Companies will not like it if they have their internal software (Microsoft has mentioned that they are working on it). There will be no more CAB file installation, no folder (as of what I heard).
  • With the restriction on Hardware and Software, I guess it will become less appealing to phone companies to manufacture them. All I can think of, is that in the initial phase, Windows Phone 7 will come from major brands with similar specs. The differences that I foresee might be RAM/ROM size, touch screen quality (Super AMOLED, Super TFT LCD, AMOLED, LCD). The touch screen experience may also differs as it depends on suppliers.
  • In my opinion, we may be having a dejavu when iPhone first started. E.g. Not many apps, not many functions.
  • As long as  the touch experience is good, and with good enterprise support from Microsoft, I am sure that this OS will be able to gain momentum.
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I think I have talked too much. If you disagree or anything to add, feel free to comment.

Overall, I am looking forward towards the launch of Microsoft Windows Phone 7 🙂