Rednano DARE Augmented Reality GPS Navigation Available in July – Video Within

During CommunicAsia 2010, Rednano booth caught my attention. It is quite a small booth and with a TV screen that says Liveview Directory Search Service. There wasn’t much else. However, when I talked to them, I realized that this may be the next big thing in Singapore, especially, with Mapking and Augmented Reality incorporated.

Recently, there has not been much news on Mapking in Singapore. My last conversation with EastGear during the PC show 2010 is that they are focusing on other products and not on Mapking (this is what I heard from EastGear people which does not represent Mapking in any way).

At the Rednano booth, I was quite surprised to see that they are promoting an app on Android. It is NOT just a search engine but much more. They are called DARE (means Digital Augmented Reality Experience).

It is like Wikitude Drive or part of Google Maps Navigation. The direction will be virtually displayed on the screen through your phone camera. I coined a word from Wikitude Drive, “Never take your eyes off the road again”.

There will be no maps to update. The information is pushed to your phone and can be updated regularly.

From my understanding with Rednano, they are working with Mapking on the maps information and Rednano has a team to update the POI (Point of Interest) . So, what is in for consumers.

In my opinion,

  • Free GPS Navigation system
  • Up to date road information from Mapking (if I am not wrong, they are working with LTA with the latest road updates).
  • No need to take your eyes off the road.
  • Rednano will update the latest POI and you will always get the latest information immediately.
  • There is a Walk function for those who don’t drive.
  • DARE is using gateway from cell station to determine your location (if you are indoor)
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Here is a short video on how it looks like on an Android phone. (BTW, it will be available on Android phone and they may think of making it on iPhone later).

So, do you think this will be a valuable tools for Singaporean?