Samsung Galaxy S Media Launch Event with Super Junior

I was invited to Samsung Galaxy S media launch event. Singapore is the first in the world to launch this Samsung Galaxy S, and Singtel is the exclusive telco that is selling this phone. The event was held at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) and the highlight of the event is the phone itself and of course, Super Junior.

BTW, I heard more than 400 fans camped overnight to ensure that they got a place in the Super Junior showcase. Only those that bought the Samsung Galaxy S are entitled to go for this showcase. To get into the event, you have to go through the security. Luckily, as a media, it was a breeze.

Before the Press Conference starts, there were many showcase of the Samsung Galaxy S.

I must say that the Super AMOLED is super bright and the touch screen is super sensitive. I think this is by far, the best touch screen that I have seen on an Android phone.

Here is a comparison of iPhone, HTC HD2 and the Galaxy S.

Guess what they are taking.


Here is the stage.

Finally, the event started with a video on Samsung Galaxy S is. And a welcome of the media by our host, Belinda.

With such a large scale event, of course, the head of Singtel and Samsung are present.

And then, the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy S.

Some questions and answers.

And a live demo on the Galaxy S.

Here is a pic on the media, taking video of the event.

Not much questions were posted by the media. I guess everyone is waiting for Super Junior to appear.

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Finally, they appeared and I can hear screams from the media.

Only 9 of them were present. Look at the media. They went crazy with their cameras, video recording equipment and etc.

Finally, they were ushered to sit down and Belinda started to ask them questions through an interpreter.

They were given the Samsung Galaxy S before they came. So, most of them are meddling with it. And they mentioned that they can use it for Twitter and etc.

I don’t what he is listening to.

BTW, I don’t know their names. If you can help me, thank you.

Here is one segment where Super Junior showed what they are good at, dancing.

These are some close ups of them.

The media were given only 3 questions to ask them. One of them asked about their feel on MBS. They mentioned that they did not get a good chance to take a look at it.

Some questions are on what type of shows or performances that they will reject. Surprisingly, they mentioned that they are gamed for anything.

More pictures of them. The whole media went crazy taking pictures. Of course I am one of them. So, you can see so many repeated shots.

That is it for the Press Conference. Of course, that is not the end of the event. The next event is Super Junior showcase. They will sing and dance to the fans. BTW, during the event, the sound system seems to malfunction a couple of times. I guess those ground people must be sweating when it happened. Overall, Singtel and Samsung has done a terrific job for this Press Conference.

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