Event Coverage of ECO’s Million Acts of Green Campaign

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I was invited to this “Million Acts of Green Campaign” organized by ECO (Environmental Challenge Organisation). The event was held at Singapore Science Centre, in conjunction with Earth Day which falls on 22nd April. One of the main highlight in this event is the launch of a new website where people can use action to signify their “act” of green.

Visitors were greeted by this Tyrannosaurus REX at the entrance of Singapore Science Centre.

The event was a no-fuss one. It was held at one of the labs in the Eco section of Science Centre. The host for this event is Joyce Star Tan.

She had a brief introduction for us on this event and it was followed by Wilson Ang, Founder and President, Environmental Challenge Organisation (Singapore), ECO Singapore.

His talk is full of energy. He relates how he started ECO as a 3 man team and evolves to the status now. He also shared with us his vision on this campaign and how he hopes that everyone can play a part for the environment.

According to him, many events use pledge to determine if this person is green. However, he felt that pledging for a campaign is not sufficient enough. Here is what he had mentioned.

Instead of having the usual “pledges” where people will state what  they are going to do, this campaign aims to record and collect real acts of green on the millionactsofgreen.sg website.

He mentioned that an iPhone app had been submitted to Apple for approval. Once it is approved, iPhone users can download this app so that when an act of green is done or in progress, it can be taken and uploaded to the site.

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The website will touch on the social side, like Twitter, Facebook and etc.

Following next, Dr. Amy Khor, Mayor of the Southwest CDC and Senior Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources, give a speech on how the Government on Southwest CDC have conducted many campaigns that are related to Green movement.

Seriously, I am surprised that there are so many on-going campaigns in schools and the public on the green movement.

Read More about it Here

And here is a close up of Dr. Amy Khor.

After her speech, Wilson came back to give us a live demo of the new website, millionactsofgreen.sg

The website is quite user friendly. Below is a screen shot of the information captured.

ECO’s target is to have ONE MILLION ACTS OF GREEN by next year. Anyway, please feel free to try out the website and submit your act of Green.


Here is a group shot after the event.

Next, we had a preview of the ECO house. It is not ready yet (supposed to be ready by June 2010) but the infrastructure is already there.

The ECO house uses 4 fundamentals of concepts.

The Solar Panels

Here is the solar panels.

Rainwater Harvesting System

Green Roofs/Walls

Green Living Space

After that, we proceed with our ECO lunch! Actually, in my opinion, it is more like a vegetarian lunch.

Fried Rice with “Prawns”

Fried Assorted Mushrooms

Braised “duck” with herbs

Cashew Nuts “Chicken” with Chili

Oat “Prawn”

There are some more but I did not take them. Anyway, that is the end of this short event coverage. Remember, if you have done an act of green, do let the World knows about it 🙂 .

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