PixieTea’s Music Video, “ABCD Said”, Features Music Made Entirely from Apps from iPhone 3Gs, Amazing – Video Within

PixieTea, from China, really knows how to make use of her iPhone 3Gs. Basically, she uses available music apps from Apple App Store, record her music from her iPhone 3Gs and magically, transformed it to a beautiful music for her “ABCD Said” song. It has been verified by media in China that she really use only Apple iPhone Apps for her music. Watch her Music Video and be awed by her!

Here is another pic of the the talented PixieTea.

Here is her blog


And here are the list of apps used for her MV.

  • DrumMeister
  • Bassist
  • iDrum
  • NlogSynthesizer
  • NESynth
  • iShred

I do not know if this is the full list. Nevertheless, enjoy the music video below..


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