HTC HD2 Running Windows Phone 7 Series

HTC HD2 was touted to be the phone that can be upgraded to Windows Phone 7 Series previously. However, after the event for Windows Phone 7 Series, I have doubts. It seems that future phone that has Windows Phone 7 Series must have minimum specs and its seems that it is an overhaul of Windows Mobile OS. However, this picture shows that HTC HD2 is running on Windows Phone 7 Series. And according to the source, it is running super smooth.

From the source, it mentions: –

HTC HD2 was captured running the new Windows Phone 7 Series ROM, more info according to

– Multilanguage
– Ultra fast for an early build ( “So fast that it looks like on WM 6.5 the Snapdragon only ran at half its power”)
– TomTom is bundled with that ROM
– No SMS problem (They are referring to the SMS issues on WM 6.5 on most Leo ROMs)
– Zune part of the phone is not working on this ROM (error reports, etc.)



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