Apple iPad May Have Room for A Front Facing Camera

The iPad talk has not ended. Two sides to iPad. On one side, “awesome device, can’t wait to have it” while on the other side, it is “just a big iPod Touch and disappointing”. Nevertheless, at this moment, not having people have touched it or used it for an intensive period of time. However, Mission Repair who fixes Apple products found some iPad hardware that may indicate that it may be ready to slot in a front facing camera.

In the above picture, it shows the webcam from MacBook that can be fitted into an iPad hardware (internal frame). If this is true, it may means that iPad may be already ready for a front facing camera (in future, maybe?).

In my opinion, the iPad with a front facing camera should be more useful as it can be used for video conferencing or taking video (even though it is of low res). It seems that Mission Repair blog is down. Nevertheless,

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