Record-breaking PopCap Games Looks to Singapore

Another Media Release. PopCap, game developer for games like Bejeweled, Peggle and etc is actually expanding its footprint in Singapore. Below is the Media Release. I think we will be hearing more from them in the coming months.

Record-breaking PopCap Games Looks to Singapore

Leading Games Developer of Casual Masterpiece, Bejeweled, Celebrates 10-year Anniversary with Four Guinness World Records in the 2010 Gamer’s Edition

Singapore, 28 January 2010 – PopCap Games® (, the leading developer and publisher of broadly appealing casual video games, struck gold with four entries in the Guinness World Records 2010 Gamer’s Edition – including Most Popular Puzzle Game Series of the Century for Bejeweled® and Most Downloaded Physics Puzzle Game for Peggle®. With ten years of game development and more than 1 billion downloads under its belt, PopCap Games is now looking to Singapore as a strategic market.

“We’ve got very ambitious plans for growing PopCap in the APAC region – starting with Singapore. PopCap has a high-quality bar and prioritises doing things right, so we’re taking the time now to look at Singapore and what we can do here to deliver the best possible casual-gaming experience,” says James Gwertzman, VP of Asia Pacific, PopCap Games.

PopCap’s games are known for their wholesome content, casual style, vibrant colours and entrancing music – capturing players whether young or old, female or male. The Bejeweled franchise, a puzzle game first developed for Web in 2001, is applauded for over 350 million downloads, making it the most popular puzzle game of the century. Two sequels, Bejeweled 2 (2004) and Bejeweled Twist (2008), have achieved sales of more than 25 million units to date. And Bejeweled Blitz (2009), a one minute version of the game, is blazing a trail on Facebook.

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The other two Guinness World Records 2010 Gamer’s Edition winners include: Best of PC award for Plants vs. Zombies®; and the First European Peggle Champion, Cherise Sellers, from the United Kingdom.

In Singapore, four Psychology Major students from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) are conducting a final-year honours project, “The Effect of Bejeweled on our Cognition”. The objective of the project is to investigate the effects of people’s cognitive abilities when playing video games. Bejeweled was chosen for the study because of its popularity amongst Singaporeans, regardless of gender. The students are examining whether those who play Bejeweled on a regular basis have superior cognitive abilities – including selective attention and executive planning – compared to those who do not.

According to Dr Michael Donald Patterson, Assistant Professor from NTU’s Division of Psychology, “Contrary to popular belief, playing some computer games may actually lead to positive benefits. Since people in Singapore often spend hours every week playing these games, it is important to understand their effects on cognition. We have chosen Bejeweled because the game makes high demands on visual perception, attention, and planning. We are now examining whether increased skills acquired through playing Bejeweled will transfer to non-gaming situations; thereby, improving performance in everyday life.”

Other top PopCap titles include:

Plants vs. Zombies, a tower defence game, is one of the newest additions to the PopCap Games family. Noted for its strategic game design and humourous content, gameplay sees the player plant mutant vegetation to prevent packs of zombies from invading the player’s house.

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PopCap’s Peggle (2007) and sequel Peggle Nights (2008), inspired by pachinko, pinball and pool, have reached cult-gaming status. With more than 50 million downloads from hardcore gamers to casual players alike, Peggle is available on PC, mobile, iPhone and XBLA.

PopCap’s Zuma® franchise (including the 2009 release, Zuma’s Revenge!) has sold 17 million copies worldwide. The player takes the role of a fearless ball-shooting frog, exploring ancient temples and ruins. By firing coloured spheres into an advancing chain of balls to make matches of three or more, the frog blasts his way through a series of arcade challenges.

About PopCap Games

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