Latest HP Trademark, Zeen, Airlife, May Hint a Smartphone or Portable Tablet Device

Hewlett Packard (HP) has applied for Trademark on Zeen. It is described as a “portable handheld device for receiving and displaying text and images and sound; computer software for use in transmitting and displaying text, images and sound; computer peripherals; computer hardware.”

And HP also signed up for a Airlife slogan. Again, it covers “handheld computers; personal digital assistants; mobile telephones; computers; computer hardware; computer software; computer peripherals.”

Does it means that HP is going to build something that is as portable as a handheld device and yet has the capability of a computer?

It will be a while when Zeen and Airlife will be materialized (if nothing goes wrong). Gizmodo has even mentioned  a slogan with Zeen and Airlife.

This is my Zeen. It is the key to my Airlife.

Anyway, lets wait and see.

Click Here to Read the Article from New York Times


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