Singapore Google Street View on Google Trike: Vote For Your Favorite Locations, Press Release Within

As you may remember, in September, I blogged about Google Trike and how you can submit your favorite location for the Google Trike to go. Now, after almost 2 months, the results are out. Google has narrowed down to 24 locations in different category. Again, they need our help to vote for them. Voting starts from today to 11:59pm on November 19, 2009. More information and Press Release after the break.


To vote for your favorite place, click the link below.

Click Here to Vote Your Favorite Place for Google Trike to Visit

Press Release


Vote For Your View

Public to vote on which Singaporean tourist treasures to be visited by Street View Trike

Singapore, November 5, 2009 – Last month, Google & the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) asked the Singaporean public to suggest their top tourist treasures where the Street View trike should go. The trike has the same capability as Street View cars for collecting street-level imagery and are designed to help Google make special imagery collections in places less accessible by cars, such as historic landmarks and scenic nature routes.

Google received almost a thousand suggestions, ranging from the well-known to the more unusual, reflecting the range of interesting places and cultural hot-spots within Singapore.

Some of the more original, fun and quirky suggestions included:

  • The highest view: Henderson Waves
  • The enlightened view: Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery
  • The skateboard view: Somerset Skate Park
  • The kampung view: Pulau Ubin
  • The old-school view: Kampung Buangkok
  • The fisherman’s view: Changi Boardwalk
  • The wildlife view: Sungei Buloh Mangrove Reserve
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Google and STB have reviewed, grouped and shortlisted 24 finalist locations in four categories: The City & Quays, Cultural Areas, Natural Wonders, and Hidden Gems.  From today to 11:59pm on November 19, 2009, the public can cast their vote at to decide the top location in each of the four categories the Google Trike will visit.

Mr. Chang Chee Pey, Director, Brand Management, STB, said: “We are pleased to see Singaporeans excited about showcasing their city through Street View trike and happy their suggestions included locally-loved gems, such as the Changi boardwalk, and youth-oriented areas, such as the skate park, among the more well-known suggestions. Now open to public votes, we hope the final sites chosen for the Street View trike to visit will give potential visitors a first taste of what awaits them in Singapore, both on and off the beaten track.”
Mr. Derek Callow, Head of Marketing, Google Southeast Asia said: “We’ve been thrilled with the suggestions made by the Singaporean public and are excited to see where our Street View trike will go after all the votes are in. I’m not sure how we’ll get the trike to some of these locations, it does weigh 150kg, but we’ll try our best!  Whatever takes your fancy, from the modern to the historic or the natural to the man-made, we hope Singaporeans will get voting to put their tourist treasures on the map.”

About the Street View Trike
The trike is a mechanical masterpiece comprising three bicycle wheels, a mounted Street View camera and a specially decorated box containing image-collecting gadgetry. It comes complete with a very athletic cyclist in customised Google apparel.  As we only collect images from public roads we’ll work closely with the relevant organisations to secure permission to collect images of privately-owned locations.

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Images collected by the trike will be processed and carefully stitched together, a technological process that can take several months. They will be made available at a later date in Street View on Google Maps.  As with all Street View imagery, we will apply our face-blurring and license plate blurring technologies to all these images to protect people’s privacy.

About the Singapore Tourism Board

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) is a leading economic development agency in tourism, one of Singapore’s key service sectors. Known for partnership, innovation and excellence, the Board champions tourism and builds it into a key economic driver for Singapore. STB aims to differentiate and market Singapore as a must-visit destination offering enriching experiences through the “Uniquely Singapore” brand. For more information, please visit

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