Universal Micro USB Chargers for All Mobile Phone Soon

This will be great news. Have you ever encounter  a time when your mobile phone battery went flat and you do not have your charger with you? And when you try to borrow from your friends, they do not have the same model of charger?


Now, it seems that the voice to unify phone charger is louder now after the UN-backed International Telecommunication Union (ITU)  confirmed that a new mobile phone charger that can charge any handset (Micro USB) has been made. ITU says that they are planning to roll out the Universal Mobile Phone Charger in the first half of 2010.

Kudos to such move. First, it will be more environmental friendly as we can reuse the old charger. Secondly, I hope that the packaging of future handset will be smaller without the charger. Thirdly, hopefully the price of the handset will drop as the design of the charger is NOT needed and the making of this charger is also out of the picture.

So, bring it ON! 🙂

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