Fat Princess Regional Tournament on Sony Playstation Network (PSN), Press Release Within

fatprincessI know nothing about this game, Fat Princess. But if you are good at it, give it a try. The winner will walk away with a new Playstation 3 (120 GB).This four day regional tournament will begin on 19 October 09 at 7pm (GMT +08:00). You will be pitting against Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea. Press Release and information on how to enter this tournament after the break.

Take Up Your Sword and Shield: Join the Fat Princess Asia Tournament

A chance for heroic Princes to capture the heart of the beauty Princess

SINGAPORE, 9 October 2009 – Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong (SCEH) presents the latest regional tournament for one of their most popular games in the PlayStation®Network (PSN) – Fat Princess. Join the thousands across Asia as they compete to be the Prince that will capture the heart of the Princess.

The King of Titania is now looking for a decent Prince to marry the Princess and to be the heir of their kingdom. With several battles on the island, the real heir will be chosen among the most powerful Princes, and he will be able to marry the beautiful Princess. The victor is also entitled for the King’s reward. Princes from around the world, come to fight for your adorable Princess now!!

This four day tournament will begin on 19 October 09 at 7pm (GMT +08:00) where 30 contestants will duke it out in each game. The top 3 with the highest points after the 4 days will walk away with prizes fit for a Prince!

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Grand Prize:         Brand New PlayStation®3 (120GB)

1st Runner Up:      SGD 90 PlayStation®Network Top-Up Value

2nd Runner Up:     SGD 20 PlayStation®Network Top-Up Value

Competition Details:

Date: 19th Oct to 22nd Oct

Time: Begins at 7pm/1900hrs (GMT+08:00)

Eligibility: This competition is open to Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea PlayStation®Network members

Quota: 60 competitors per day (2 game rooms, 30 competitors each)

Registration: Interested contestants who are brave enough need to send the following details to: psnetwork.asia@gmail.com

Deadline for registration: 18th Oct, 11:59pm (GMT+08:00)

Full name: (in English) Contact phone number
PSN online ID Email address
Country of membership Join date: (prioritize base on preference)

Successful applicants will receive a ‘friend request’ from the particular game host. Once the game room is opened, all you need to do is to select “Play with friends” and join the hosted game.

Game hosts list:

19th Oct – <Fat0PrincessZero>, <Fat1Princess1st>

20th Oct – <Fat2Princess2nd>, <Fat3Princess3rd>

21st Oct – <Fat4Princess4th>, <Fat5Princess5th>

22nd Oct – <Fat6Princess6th>, <Fat7Princess7th>

Tournament result announcement date: 30th Oct on http://asia.playstation.com/

How Do I Compete?

  • This competition will be held for 4 days (19th Oct to 22nd Oct); and begins at 7pm (GMT+08:00
  • Each game will last for 1 hour
  • Contestants are free to choose any character/occupation in the game
  • Competition is held under the “Rescue the Princess” mode, the maps allocated are:
  1. 19th Oct > Black Forest
  2. 20th Oct > Coco Cliffs
  3. 21st Oct > Rocky Road
  4. 22nd Oct > Tropical Punch

Rules and Regulations:

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–           Contestants must accept the friend request sent by game hosts, otherwise their application will be voided.

–           The “Join date” in the registration email is filled based on the contestant’s preference, for example:

Join date: 21st Oct > 20th Oct > 22nd Oct > 19th Oct (The 21st Oct will be the first priority while the 19th Oct will be the lowest priority)

–           The daily quota is set by first-come-first-serve basis, with the above example, if 21st Oct is full, contestants can only join the match on 20th Oct, 22nd Oct and 19th Oct

–           Applicants who are NOT invited by specific game host(s) represents that that game room on that day is full.

–           If there are any problems with the contestant’s ‘friend list’, Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Ltd (SCEH), Sony Computer Entertainment Taiwan Limited (SCET) or Sony Computer Entertainment Korea Limited (SCEK) will not be held responsible for it.

–           If there are any problems with the network connection or if a contestant quits the game, the scores will not be counted.


About Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Limited:

SCEH continues to redefine the entertainment lifestyle with its PlayStation® and PS one® game console, the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system, and the ground-breaking PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system.

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