Acer Smart HandHeld Media Launch Event

I was glad that I attended this ACER Smart Handheld Launch Event. First of all, Acer handheld is new to the market. Secondly, I am very interested in their UI (User Interface). Took many video. Will post them up in another post. Here is the media coverage of the event. BTW, this is the first Asia country that Acer launches these handhelds. Enjoy.

Venue: Singapore Hotel Intercontinental


The event cum breakfast was held at Hotel Intercontinental Ballroom. This is the media registration, and you get a chance to win an ACER Smart Handheld. Automatically, that means that the winner will be the first in Singapore to own it 🙂



Event started at 10:30am with Gwen welcoming the guests and media.



It followed by Mr. Roger Yuen (VP of Asia Pacific) giving a speech on Acer direction and future handsets.


During the speech, Mr. Roger Yuen mentioned about Acer and its current plan. Plus information of ETEN. Apparently, there will be NO MORE products from ETEN. New handsets will be in the name of ACER. Currently, the Acer Smart Handhelds are designed in Europe, Paris, according to Mr. Yuen.

Here, Mr. Yuen is showing off the 5 Acer Smart Handshelds namely: –

  • ACER DX900 model (S$799) offers a dual-SIM function
  • ACER DX650 (S$599) featuring a touch screen on one side and finger-friendly keypad on the other


  • ACER X960 (S$699)
  • ACER F900 (with Keyboard)
  • ACER M900 with embedded biometric fingerprint sensor


Here are some pictures of the presentation that talk about ACER development in the mobile phone arena, some new handsets in 2009 plus their UI (User Interface) that ACER calls it ACER  New Shell 2.0.

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Now the 3 new handheld, coming soon in 2009.

ACER Codename “F1”


ACER Codename “L1”


L1 in another colour



ACER Codename “C1” (Mobile Internet Phone)


C1 in different colours.



Next topic is on their User Interface (UI). ACER has developed this UI (ACER Sehll 2.0) and it is currently available on M900 and F900. The rest of the handhelds are using SPB Shell.


The first impression of the UI is that it is similar to HTC Dream (Google Phone) as there are actually 3 panels that you can swipe about. The whole UI shows a Desktop with a window. More about that in my later posts.



It followed by Mr. Peter Poh (Executive Director of C2O) giving a short speech.


And a ceremony to unveil the 5 ACER Smart Handheld.


Next, Questions and Answers for the Media. Nothing much was asked by the Media, except about how ETEN operates.


As mentioned earlier, there will be a winner for an ACER Smart Handheld. He is the one..


Now, here are the some pictures of the handheld presented on their showcases.






The event ended. However, I did pester the ACER people with many questions. I have taken quite a number of video to share later. And for those who are very interested in the Specifications, I will post it up in the next post. But, now, here is one for the record.

HTC Touch HD compared with F900 (3.8″ screen without Keyboard)

The HTC Touch HD is shorter than ACER F900. Bothe screen has the same size and resolution. On the HTC Touch HD is the TouchFLO 3D and on the ACER F900 is the Shell 2.0

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Here is the side profile. HTC Touch is a little bit thinner. However, I may be wrong as it was a fast comparison.


Hope that you enjoy my coverage. More video on the UI later. Stay tuned! 🙂