Samsung T*Omnia Official Launch Video in Korea, now with Anti Virus Software – Video Link

Samsung T*Omnia was officially launched in Korean in November. The specs of this phone is really going to made many people drool. Click here to see the spec. Now, there are news that a well known Korea Online Anti Virus company, AhnLab, has come up with a anti-virus specifically for the T*Omnia.

More information and Official Launch Video after the break.

The AhnLab Mobile Security software is used to scan, detect, quarantine and remove malicious code, illegal phishing, monitor the phone’s memory in real-time and maintain report logs of the same as well. This security software comes with the Samsung T*OMNIA product package and can be installed easily.

Here’s a short clip of the launch of T*Omnia in Korea. Watch the Touch Wiz UI. I think it has changed a lot. Correct me if I am wrong.

Click Here to Watch the Video



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