Canon EOS 5D Mark II Spotted Selling in the Wild Already But..

The most awaited Canon EOS 5D Mark II that took the world to look into its direction has debut somewhere. For the rest of the world, we will need to wait.

This Canon EOS 5D Mark Ii proved that we can fully make use of the big sensor found in camera for our video needs. This camera basically takes full frame high definition video. Imagine this, every frame that you stop on the video can be used as a picture. The quality is something that we can really drool about.

A very solid review was done by a professional photographer, Vincent Laforet, who took his own money and time to make a short film. Reverie, on the pre-production EOS 5D Mark II.

Click Here to Vincent Laforet’s Blog and watch Reverie

Back to the sales of Canon EOS 5D Mark II, the country that is selling now is Shanghai, China. It is retailing at about US$2,900 without lens. I am sure it will sell like hot cakes. No news of when it will arrive in other countries.

Click Here to Go to USA Official Canon Website to Watch the Film Reverie