HTC Touch HD Available in Singapore Now, Don’t Need to Wait Anymore

For those like me that has been waiting for the HTC Touch HD, there is good news. There are available stock in Singapore (or at least you can get it in 6 days). Surprisingly, the price is lower than the Recommended Selling Price (RSP). It is selling at SGD 1,204.99 and as of this posting, they have 143 in stocks.

More details after the break.

I don’t know if I had seen it wrongly. There are bundles that cost lesser than the individual handset. Strange.

From my sources, these HTC Touch HD might be from Hong Kong. The seller honoured their sets with a one year warranty. Before you buy, be sure to check the terms and condition properly. I heard that there is additional charges for delivery in Singapore. For me, I will wait for the official set from Starhub 🙂

Click Here to Check Out the HTC Touch HD Availability in Singapore.


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