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Astronauts play with GoPro in floating water bubble in space (video)

I think most people will not find so much joy playing with water and a GoPro as compared to the astronauts in ISS. They did it in weightlessness, period. Watch..

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Progress Update for Google’s Project Ara modular smartphone (video)

Remember Phonebloks’ crazy concept of modular system for smartphone? It has been more than a year and here is the update for this Project Ara that is jointly..

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The real Hoverboard that works (video)

A company is trying their hand on a working hoverboard that is slated on Oct 2015. This Hendo Hoverboard is currently on Kickstarter and is almost funded..

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Linksys announced first 4×4 Wireless AC router E8350

The Linksys AC2400 Dual Band Wi-Fi Router (E8350) is targeted at users that use internet for high bandwidth applications, and will be available from 7th November..

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NTU battery charges up to 70% in 2 mins and last 20 years

NTU has developed ultra-fast charging batteries that can be recharged up to 70 per cent in only two minutes. That is insane. I can imagine such batteries in..

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