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Skype Translator ready for preview, translates in real time (video)

Skype previewed the Skype Translator. It allows people to speak naturally to each other in different languages and the software will translate to in real time..

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You Can Now Buy Water and Stain Repellent T-Shirts from Threadsmiths (video)

The new The Cavalier t-shirt from Threadsmiths has a patented hydrophobic nanotechnology application that repels water and dirt and it is still washable like..

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Astronauts play with GoPro in floating water bubble in space (video)

I think most people will not find so much joy playing with water and a GoPro as compared to the astronauts in ISS. They did it in weightlessness, period. Watch..

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Progress Update for Google’s Project Ara modular smartphone (video)

Remember Phonebloks’ crazy concept of modular system for smartphone? It has been more than a year and here is the update for this Project Ara that is jointly..

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The real Hoverboard that works (video)

A company is trying their hand on a working hoverboard that is slated on Oct 2015. This Hendo Hoverboard is currently on Kickstarter and is almost funded..

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