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M1 partners GrabTaxi, why didn’t taxi companies think of it?

As M1 partners with GrabTaxi, taxi companies should ponder hard what has really happened. If you read this and you find this statement curious, you might be a..

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Opinion: StarHub Announcement of Charging 4G comes with twist

StarHub announced that they will be charging 4G service from June 2014. Why are the people so angry? What is the twist in this story?.. Lets discuss

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Taking selfie in 2020 can be dangerous and has a profound meaning (video)

This guy took a selfie with this girlfriend in Paris in the year 2020. Suddenly, she felt sad, took out a Polaroid (she hid it very well) to take a picture of..

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Download Rio 2 Animated Stickers on WeChat for Free

Now, you can send the characters on Rio 2 to your friends on WeChat. It is free to download. Watch Blu, Nico, Pedro and the rest of their friends do funny stuff..

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Man got kicked while taking Selfie near moving train (video)

He deserved the kick from the train conductor. If the train conductor had not done it, it might be part of the train that is going to hit him, and that will be..

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