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It is mesmerizing to watch 1,000 robots working for a common goal (video)

I have always been fascinated with swarm robots. However, I bet you have not seen swarm robots in this massive scale (1,000 of them working together!)..

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Proof that Asimo robot runs like Jackie Chan (video)

The latest video shows that Asimo can run, hop and even fluent in sign language. If you look closely, does Asimo resemble Jackie Chan’s running?..

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Future expensive robots will have little robots for assistance (video)

In future, human will be assisted by robots. And in future, expensive robots will be assisted by little robot helper to path a way or to warn it of any danger..

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You will never realize that this lady dancing sexily is a robot (video)

A woman dancing in front of the mirror with a pipe sticking out from the stomach. Look closer and realized that it is not human and yet it has the most human..

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Lego Robot CUBESTORMER 3 smashed Rubik’s Cube Record (video)

This is really amazing. CUBESTORMER 3 is made up of 8 Lego Mindstorm actuators and powered by a Samsung GALAXY S4 with Octa Core processors. It is able to..

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