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Segway acquired by Chinese Company, Ninebot

Ninebot, a Chinese company, has acquired Segway, an American company. Ninebot is a company that makes PEVs. Ninebot One is my favorite..

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This wearable Quadcopter, Nixie, might be a reality (video)

Check out Nixie, the wearable camera device that can, by the flip of your wrist, become a quadcopter. With its different modes, it is able to follow you, go..

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Dyson introduces first robot vacuum cleaner Dyson 360 Eye (video)

Finally, after so many years, we see the first robot vacuum cleaner from Dyson, Dyson 360 Eye, that uses high speed digital motor and Cyclone Technology on it..

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Is this video from Project Wing, Google’s secret Drone project? (video)

So, if you think Amazon Drone is pretty amazing, check out this little secret drone project from Google, Project Wing. Watch how the delivery is done..

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It is mesmerizing to watch 1,000 robots working for a common goal (video)

I have always been fascinated with swarm robots. However, I bet you have not seen swarm robots in this massive scale (1,000 of them working together!)..

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