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Preview: Beacon Technology pushes offers when shoppers are nearby

What do you think if it can now prompt you to a promotion when you are near a shop, and the promotion is a unique one that only the app can offer? Will you..

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Viber for Windows Phone updated with Hold and Talk, stickers

Viber app has been updated for Windows Phone 8. It now supports Hold and Talk and also standalone stickers. This is a great step forward for Windows Phone..

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Navdy is the HUD device that makes you feel like a pilot in your car (video)

With Navdy, it seats right on the dashboard in front of you. It projects information to screen in front, just like how pilot see on their HUD in an aircraft..

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Want free calls to phones anywhere in the world on any network, check out nanu (video)

If you have been using any VOIP apps on your mobile phones, you might dismiss this new nanu app as stale. However, before you do that, you should check out what..

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Reunite your classmates with LINE ALUMNI

Now there is a feature that can help you to reunite classmates in your Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Junior College or University. With LINE ALUMNI, it..

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