Motorola RAZR Stopped a Bullet, Saved Man’s Life – Video Link

This should be the unluckiest or luckiest day for this man in Louisiana. Apparently, while mowing the lawn, a stray 0.45 calibre bullet hit the chest of this man, Ronald Richard of Covington, Louisiana. He felt a pain on the chest where he put his Motorola Razr phone. He was shocked to see a bullet […]

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iPhone Firmware 2.2 is Out Now

If you dare to be the first to try out the latest Apple iPhone firmware 2.2, then connect to iTunes and enjoy the fun! Google StreetView and etc are new added functions. More screen shots after the break.

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LG’s Prada II Phone On the Loose – Video Link

LG has come up with a new version of the Prada phone. This time, it is branded as Prada II or Prada 2. Whichever it is, it will not be cheap. Video after the break.

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Get Started on the New Theme Feature for Gmail

Users who had been using Gmail, there is yet another new feature in your Gmail Settings Tab. It is the Theme Tab. Inside this tab, you will get many choices of theme to make your Gmail livelier.

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Meizu MiniOne M8 Appears Better than iPhone Now – Video Link

Meizu MiniOne M8 has a long history (in Internet World). It’s debut has caused an uproar over the world due to the unshameful copying of iPhone Crown Fish background and many similar icons. Read here for the story if you like. Moving ahead, it is almost the end-November that Meizu’s CEO Jack Wong promised that […]

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Bruce Lee Fighting Off Ping Pong Experts Effortlessly, Thanks to Nokia – Video Link

No, don’t get it wrong. Bruce Lee do not own a Nokia Phone. And No, he did not fight with a Nokia Phone. In fact, I believe nobody in his year would know a Nokia phone. But this has not stop Nokia to commemorate him with a Nokia N96 Special Edition. Don’t ask me why […]

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Finally, The First Ever MMS for iPhone is Available Now

Finally, the cat is out of the bag. iPhone owners can rejoice to the news that their sparkling iPhone can finally send MMS. BTW, for those who are unfamiliar, current iPhone is not able to send MMS. However, with this MMS software by Mobispine, it may encourage some users to switch to iPhone. Press Release […]

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Nokia 5800 Xpress Music Comprehensive Video Review – Video Link

Those who hate to read long reviews will love this. The latest Nokia 5800 phone is the Xpress Music. This is the first time Nokia is trying to built a PDA phone. Although they still stick to the Symbian OS, you can see that a lot of them are based on the touch screen. Now, […]

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I have Won US$500,000 and a Toyota Car

Believe it or not. This message was sent to me. They mentioned that I was chosen out of 2.5 million email addresses. I even have a serial number and etc to claim my prize. Read the full content here. TOYOTA INTERNATIONAL LOTTO (HEADQUARTERS) Customer Service Department Affiliate of Toyota Japan . #28 Kanashiwa road Tokyo […]

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Swedish iPhone to Get MMS Capability First

News has been circulating the Internet that a 3rd party software is able to solve the issue of MMSing on an iPhone. From Engadget’s source, Swedish Telcos, Telia is developing an application for sending MMS text. It was mentioned that the availability is in a few months. However, in my opinion, if the application can […]

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iCEPhone, the Windows Mobile Medical Phone that Save Lifes – Video Link

This is one of the weirdest phone that I come across. It has a two fold hinges that can open up the phone with 3 full screen. You will get the usual touch screen, the keyboard and the unusual screen that has some of the keys that is separated from the keyboard. BTW, it is […]

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Halo Inspired Combat Battle Uniform for South Korea Soon – Video Link

I seriously thinks that the designer of this battle uniform is a Halo fan. Look at their similarity. South Korea is developing new uniform and weapon for the new generation warfare. In fact the weapon is already ready and it looks awesome. Firing 5.56mm calibre rounds and 20mm grenades from the same trigger. No need […]

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TechieLobang News and Update

Dear all, I am terribly sorry that the site was down for a day due to some payment issue with the Host. It was purely a simple yet I took 24hrs to solve kind of issue.

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