My Legal Name is “Captain Fantastic Faster Than Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine The Hulk And The Flash Combined”

We have heard Singaporeans naming their kids Atomic, Nuclear and etc. I bet you have not heard about the name of this 19 years old British boy. His actual name is George Garratt. However, he got this crazy thought of changing his name to a Superheroes theme. So, when his friends mentioned some superheroes, he […]

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Slightly NSFW, Virtual Girlfriend from Japan – Video Link

Remember Cyber Alice, the augmented reality figurine that appears on your webcam video? Yes, it always start from Japan. Cyber Alice is a virtual maid that will only appear from a cube. With its software installed on the computer, Cyber Alice will only appear through your webcam. You have to see her on the video […]

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Lingerie with Built-In GPS from Brazil – Video Link

Brazil had come up with an “innovative” way of promoting lingerie with technology. They have come up with a lingerie with built-in GPS. Seriously, I don’t know why we need that but it is still very eye catching nobody is complaining. Click Here to Watch the Video. (source)

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Mice Cloned After Being Freezed for 16 Years – Video Link

You have to believe it. A mice that was dead for 16 years and put into a freezer (-20 degree Celsius) in permafrost condition was resurrect with a new cloning technology, made available by Japan’s Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN).

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Flying Ferrari Car, Autovolantor, in 2 Years

Believe it or not, Ferrari claims that they are able to produce a flying car that could hover or take off vertically. The flying car is called Autovolantor designed by the team at Moller International. It is based on Ferrari 599 GTB model (USD319,653).

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New Bandai Toy, Tuttuki Bako, that You Can Poke Your Finger Into

I really amazed by how Japanese can think of new toys. In this case, it is called the Tuttuki Bako (Poking Box). Bandai’s Asovision new toy plays with the human mind as human are a curious lot. When there is a hole, human mind will be curious enough to put the finger into it. What […]

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Latest Samsung T*Omnia with Higher Resolution to Replace Omina?

If you are a fan of Omnia and still not yet get the mobile phone yet, I guess there is a new and better option for you. Its look is almost the same except it is a tad bigger. The very big significant change is the screen resolution. It has been improved to a WVGA, […]

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Detailed Review of Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 has been the long awaited mobile phone for many. From the rumours till the launch, there were many delays. Finally, the phone is reaching Singapore shore. But before you purchase it, please take some time to read this review. Link of Review after the break.

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HTC Touch HD Manual Available for Download

HTC Touch HD is still not available in Singapore yet. If you are as impatient as me, you may want to grab this manual first. It has almost all of my questions answered. Download Link after the break.

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A Fresh New Start

Dear fellow bloggers and readers of TechieLobang, It takes me great pain to write this post. TechieLobang has been around for about a year with more than a thousand posting and with a gradual viewership. I have enjoyed the interaction of information between readers and myself. However, due to the numerous suspension and I am […]

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