Sing Your Favourite Karaoke Songs Online and Get Graded, Free!

If you are one of those that sing in the shower, feel intimidated to sing in front of friends and do not own a karaoke set, this blog post is for you. There is a website that allows you to show to your heart content and grade your score according to the original singer. And […]

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Gadgets at Up to 90% Discount!

Mark your calendar from next Friday (14th November 2008) to Sunday (16th November 2008). There is a gadget sales going on at Suntec Convention Hall 402. Admission is Free. This is the first Home Electronics Fair organised by SPHERE (SPH Events, Roadshows and Exhibitions). Expect up to 90% discount on selected items. More information after […]

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 Selling at Only SGD238

Saw Saturday’s Straits Times. Xperia X1 is finally selling at Singtel and M1. From the look of it, Singtel has the best deal.

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Holographic Imaging Comes to HTC Touch Diamond – Video Link

Some programmers at XDA forum has done a good job of demonstrating Holographic Image on a HTC Touch Diamond. The program, VR Hologram is a simple proof of concept that the phone is capable of producing hologram images. Video after the break

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Singapore SITEX 2008 is Bigger and Better

Once again, Singapore SITEX 2008 is coming round the corner. It is in the 20th year of running since 1988. S$16,000 worth of cash to win during this show! This SITEX is also focusing on Ladies with attractive prizes (e.g. 50 inch plasma TV and etc), Go Green and a new Digital Art Technology. Venue: […]

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Xbox 360 Controller Modified Without DPad and Buttons, Still Can Play – Video Link

This modder literally removed the Dpad and all the front buttons from the Xbox 360 controller. Then he built the some switches at the back of the controller for the same functions. So, what do you get in the end? Your fingers will always be on the joysticks and you will never lose a second […]

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Mgestyk system Gesture Control is the Answer for Minority Report – Video Link

Have you seen Minority Report by Tom Cruise? It is not a new movie. However, if you have surfing around, many technology has been revolving around the content in the show. Example like the infamous glove seen where Tom Cruise uses a special glove to shift digital data around. I remember when I saw the […]

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HTC Touch HD Unboxing, Warning Sign on Screen

Now that the official release date for HTC Touch HD in Singapore has been announced, lets take a look in advance at what HTC has offered in the Touch HD package. More pictures and information after the break.

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USB 3.0 Specification to be Unveiled to the World this Month

USB 3.0 has been discussed for so many months now. Finally, heard some news that the specification will be released this month. USB 3.0 is slated to have 10 times faster transfer bitrate to reach about 4.8 Gbits/s. That is 600Mb/s transfer speed!

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HTC Touch 3G Officially Release for Singapore with Pricing and Availability date

HTC has officially launched HTC Touch 3G for the Singapore market. This is inline to their commitment of Asia release date. The HTC Touch 3G will be available this weekend at all StarHub retail outlets as well as authorized resellers at a suggested retail price of S$798. (inclusive of 7% GST). Full Press release after […]

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HTC Touch HD Officially Announced in Singapore with Release Date and Pricing

Finally, HTC (SEA) has announced through press release the availability of HTC Touch HD in Singapore. From the press release, HTC Touch HD will be available early December for Starhub. Retail price is S$1,388 (inclusive of GST). Press release after the break.

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External Keyboard for iPhone 3G – Video Link

Fancy a keyboard for your iPhone 3G. Seems like somebody is in so much need of a keyboard for their iPhone that form factor is no longer an issue. In my opinion, it is not nice and looks so out of place for the iPhone. More information and video after the break.

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HTC Touch HD On Sale Now

As expected from all the recent news, HTC Touch HD is launched officially in early November (actually, it should be 6th November). The lucky country is Britain and I believe the rest of Europe may follow in the coming days.

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