Asus P565 show up in Asus Website with 800MHZ CPU

It was mentioned earlier that there is an Asus P565 previously. Now, it becomes official in Asus website. The main attraction (in my opinion) is the 800MHz Marvell CPU. Other than that, it is the Glide UI.

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Asus R50A UMPC is Very Small and below Expectation

Ok. Why so I say below expectation? Because it is running a Windows Vista and a miserable 1 GB ram and it is NOT cheap. The form factor looks like.. a PSP.. More information after the break.

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HTC WiMax 4G Demo – Video Link

Although the video is in Russia and against a bright background (which means you can’t see the details on the mobile set), it is still something to watch out for. Especially, this is the first WiMax device for HTC. Video after the break.

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Minority Style OS from the Scientist Advisor of Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report, Who Else

I have been talking about Minority Report Style computing for such a long time. This one is the closest you can get from the movie, Minority Report by Steven Spielberg. Video and more information after the break.

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Boot Up Your Computer in 4 Seconds – Video Link

Are you frustrated everyday when you switch on your computer, wait for the seconds to tick by before getting into the main screen? If you are one of those, there may be a solution for you. InstantBoot lets you boot up your computer in 4 seconds! And there is a video to proof. More information […]

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Google Helping to Fight Flu Disease

Google announced on Tuesday that they are helping Atlanta-based US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to collect data on flu by using a Flu Trend Counter. What is does is that it will help to record someone uses Google to search for Flu related keywords.

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12.35 MegaPixels Camera Module from Sony Coming Your Way

Many, many years ago, if  I was told that there will be up and coming Nokia phone with camera function, I was laughing it off thinking that it is not possible. Fast forward to now, we were already having trouble thinking if it is a camera with phone function or a phone with camera function. […]

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The Food Safari

For those who is visiting the 1st Home Electronics Fair this weekend, be sure to visit the Food Safari.

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iPhone OS 2.2 Update Coming Your Way Soon!

According to the sources, Apple is going to upgrade the iPhone OS to 2.2. Expect a few enhancements for this OS. The release date is 21st November (if the source is correct). More information after the break.

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Windows Mobile 6.5 Leaked Picture, Not Bad

No news of when Windows Mobile 7 will arrive. However, two screenshots of a Windows Mobile Device OS appeared and it seems like it is the in-between version of Windows Mobile 6.1 and Windows Mobile 7.

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HTC Official Announced its First WiMax Phone, Max 4G

What an appropriate name, Max 4G. This WiMax Phone from HTC has been leaked out previously from a Russian blog. Now HTC has finally announced it officially. It will be using Russia’s WiMax network, Yota. More information and screenshots after the break.

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Video Comparison Between HTC Touch HD and Touch Pro – Video Link

If you are undecided on whether you should get a HTC Touch PRO or HTC Touch HD (like myself), here is a very good comparison of the two device. In terms of speed, both devices look to be the similar. On the Web browsing experience, HTC Touch HD wins without doubt for its larger screen […]

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HTC Touch HD Full Review with Exclusive Benchmark Test

This is definitely the one review that I have been waiting for on the HTC Touch HD. It has all the elements of a good review. Frrom the unboxing, comprehensive hardware tour to the software (e.g. TouchFlo 3D, Stock List and etc) application that comes along with it. More information after the break.

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