Nokia E75 with Qwerty Slider in The Wild

This is NOT the first thing Nokia E75 has been leaked out. However, this time, it looks more real than ever. The previous time is based on some advertisement. More pictures after the break.

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iPhone Your Life, The New Mini Website Just for iPhone

This is a new initiative by Apple who wants the consumer to “make full use of the iPhone”. To me, it means more data usage and thus more revenue for Telcos. Nevertheless, Apple had come up with 5 mini websites for iPhone. They are: Around Town, World Travel, At Home, Getting Things Done and Fun […]

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iPhone Firmware 2.2 Hack to Enable Emoticons – Simple

If you have already downloaded the latest iPhone firmware 2.2, you will notice that it is not possible to show any emoticons on your phone, unless yours is a Japanese version. Of course, people are mad about it. So, a developer took task to enable the emoticons on all iPhone firmware version 2.2. BTW, if […]

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Meizu M8 MiniOne Flash Demo Appears

Meizu MiniOne M8 is slated to arrive end November. Nobody knows if it will ever appear. However, it seems like the recent activities on Meizu M8 is a sign that Meizu’s CEO Jack Wong is adamant to make it happen. Today, a flash site appears on Meizu website to “taste” Meizu M8 software.

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A-GPS SIM Card Makes Every Mobile Phone a GPS Phone

This is one innovative way to ensure that you will get GPS with any handset you have. Sagem Orga has produced a A-GPS enabled SIM card that relatively provide an inexpensive means of opening up market for Location Based services to a wide market.

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Youtube Goes Live! – Video Link

Youtube went LIVE on 22nd November on a Live event. It is a first for Youtube to have live streaming. I am thinking what other things that they could come up with given the success of the event.

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Canon EOS 5D Mark II Spotted Selling in the Wild Already But..

The most awaited Canon EOS 5D Mark II that took the world to look into its direction has debut somewhere. For the rest of the world, we will need to wait.

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Great Singapore Deals for Samsung M8800 Pixon

Here are some great offers at today Straits Time. Samsung M8800 Pixon going at zero dollar. Samsung Pixon is an 8 MegaPixels camera phone. Enough said. Good deals after the break.

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What is Your Twitter Grading?

I believe many of you have heard of Twitter or even have a Twitter account. Do you know that it can be graded?

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Motorola RAZR Stopped a Bullet, Saved Man’s Life – Video Link

This should be the unluckiest or luckiest day for this man in Louisiana. Apparently, while mowing the lawn, a stray 0.45 calibre bullet hit the chest of this man, Ronald Richard of Covington, Louisiana. He felt a pain on the chest where he put his Motorola Razr phone. He was shocked to see a bullet […]

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iPhone Firmware 2.2 is Out Now

If you dare to be the first to try out the latest Apple iPhone firmware 2.2, then connect to iTunes and enjoy the fun! Google StreetView and etc are new added functions. More screen shots after the break.

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LG’s Prada II Phone On the Loose – Video Link

LG has come up with a new version of the Prada phone. This time, it is branded as Prada II or Prada 2. Whichever it is, it will not be cheap. Video after the break.

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Get Started on the New Theme Feature for Gmail

Users who had been using Gmail, there is yet another new feature in your Gmail Settings Tab. It is the Theme Tab. Inside this tab, you will get many choices of theme to make your Gmail livelier.

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