Free Weather Application Includes 100% US Cities and Major Countries

Vito Technology has issued a Press Released on their revamped Weather 1.2 Application. It now includes 100% US cities. It is free to download. The software uses finger gesture for sliding to the next page. Read the press release and get the download link after the break.

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Gmail Now Comes with Voice and Video Chat, RSS also Gets Translated

Google has done something new to the Gmail again. This time it enhances it with the additional of Voice and Video Support. Watch the icon on the chat list. More information after the break.

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Youtube to Show Full Length Movie from MGM Soon

On Monday, Youtube has made some agreement with MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) to show full length movies on their site. Actually, Youtube is already behind its competitors in terms of advertising. Because Youtube is full of personal video, advertisement is not suitable. Imagine a car advertisement is shown on some video that shows just a few seconds […]

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China Toxic Wasteland Exposed, Consumer Electronics to Blame – Video Link

This is really sad. China poverty has driven the villagers to do the most toxic jobs in the World. That is to salvage those gold, component from the printed circuit boards (PCBs), Computer Monitor (Cathode Ray Tube) and etc or simply, we called it E-Waste. The toxic that they are inhaling everyday is creating health […]

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Singapore MobileOne (M1) Raised Their Bar on Mobile BroadBand Speed

The war has just started. M1 had announced that they had increased their Mobile Broadband downlink speed to 14.4 Mbps and uplink speed to 5.76 Mbps. That is a significant increased given that their usual is 3.6 Mbps uplink and 2Mbps downlinks.

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HTC Touch HD Very Detailed Review – Video Link

It is yet another HTC Touch HD Review. Similar to other review, the answer is that this phone is one of the best Windows Mobile phone around. However, when compared to Xperia, the built is something plastic and lacking but still solid. As for the keyboard, iPhone keyboard is much better in terms of intitutive […]

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Comprehensive Unboxing of Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 – Video Link

If you are thinking of buying the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 since it is available in Singapore already, maybe you should check out the unboxing information. It is quite detail. Find out how you can buy (without Telcos) and watch the unboxing video after the break.

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HTC Touch HD Available in Singapore Now, Don’t Need to Wait Anymore

For those like me that has been waiting for the HTC Touch HD, there is good news. There are available stock in Singapore (or at least you can get it in 6 days). Surprisingly, the price is lower than the Recommended Selling Price (RSP). It is selling at SGD 1,204.99 and as of this posting, […]

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Sing Your Favourite Karaoke Songs Online and Get Graded, Free!

If you are one of those that sing in the shower, feel intimidated to sing in front of friends and do not own a karaoke set, this blog post is for you. There is a website that allows you to show to your heart content and grade your score according to the original singer. And […]

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Gadgets at Up to 90% Discount!

Mark your calendar from next Friday (14th November 2008) to Sunday (16th November 2008). There is a gadget sales going on at Suntec Convention Hall 402. Admission is Free. This is the first Home Electronics Fair organised by SPHERE (SPH Events, Roadshows and Exhibitions). Expect up to 90% discount on selected items. More information after […]

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 Selling at Only SGD238

Saw Saturday’s Straits Times. Xperia X1 is finally selling at Singtel and M1. From the look of it, Singtel has the best deal.

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Holographic Imaging Comes to HTC Touch Diamond – Video Link

Some programmers at XDA forum has done a good job of demonstrating Holographic Image on a HTC Touch Diamond. The program, VR Hologram is a simple proof of concept that the phone is capable of producing hologram images. Video after the break

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Singapore SITEX 2008 is Bigger and Better

Once again, Singapore SITEX 2008 is coming round the corner. It is in the 20th year of running since 1988. S$16,000 worth of cash to win during this show! This SITEX is also focusing on Ladies with attractive prizes (e.g. 50 inch plasma TV and etc), Go Green and a new Digital Art Technology. Venue: […]

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