This is What I Get for Taking Picture of Man Selling Fake iPhone

No. He did not punch me. Yes. He was annoyed. The place is in Singapore Sitex 2008. I was taken by surprised of his reaction, but not before I snapped his picture and walk away.

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Review of Huawei E170 USB Stick Modem – Video Within

This review was originally done in my blog. However, as my blog was being reset, the information was lost. I thought it might be a good idea to repost again since many people are asking about it. Introduction In these recent years, with 3G and 3.5G being accepted as a common and popular mobile network, […]

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Google Android 1.0 Running on Nokia Tablet N810 – Video Within

Hear this correct. Google Android OS is running on Nokia Tablet N810. This Android OS is version 1.0. Other than the boot up screen with nice Nokia and Android logo, there is nothing much else that it can do (at this moment). Video after the break.

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HTC Touch HD Selling in Singapore at S$488 Now

HTC Touch HD splashed through a full page advertisement today in Straits Times. At this moment, Touch HD is available from Starhub (as expected). If you are fast and get down to Ngee Ann City for their roadshow, you get more freebies. More information and details after the break.

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Definition of Mid and Netbook from Intel

With the increase in usage of Netbooks and the many models that you can choose from, there is always one question that most people could not answer. What is the definition of a Netbook? And with the recent increased in the MID (Mobile Internet Device), more people are becoming puzzle over the terms used. During […]

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HP Vivienne Tam Edition Mini 1000 Finally Out!

HP did kept its promise. The Vivienne Tam edition netbook is finally available. I am sure this netbook will be a hot seller. Look beyond the specification and you can see fashion at your fingertip. Now, who says fashion cannot be blended with computer?

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Sara, the Walrus, Plays the Sax – Video Link

Sara is not an ordinary Walrus. She is a musician. She knows how to mimic her trainer and dance with her saxophone on her mouth. Watch this extraordinary Walrus performs (after the break).

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British Astronaut Teddy Bears Conquers the Outer Space

This is not a joke. These British teddy bears actually took a 2 hours and 9 minutes flight to reach the edge of the space with their special suits and still not forgetting to take those wonderful pictures of them conquering space. Awesome! More pictures and the story after the break.

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Another Android Phone from Kogan Ready for Sales – Specs Within

Finally, a breath of fresh air. Kogan has announced its latest mobile phone that is running on Google Android platform. It is called Kogan Agora. Currently, the only phone that is running this platform is G1 from HTC. With these new phones (like two different models), we should expect more competition and thus, more competitive […]

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Microsoft Windows 7 Peek Preview – Video Link

For those anticipating Microsoft’s Windows 7 (the version after Vista), here’s a very short preview of it booting up. Don’t expect a lot of details.

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Xbox360 Portable, Anyone?

This is not the first time someone mentioned Xbox360 Portable. But if I tell you that Xbox360 Portable is the same person that does Xbox360 Portable (or Laptop) 1 and 2, you will think that this guy is crazy or super obsessed with the game console. More pics after the break.

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HTC bought Design Firm One & Co who Helps to Design TouchFlo 3D

Get ready for more funky designs, more creativity from HTC. HTC had acquired the private firm, One & Co that helps to design the infamous TouchFlo 3D UI and also the Touch Diamond itself.

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Window Vista / Server 2008 SP2 Beta Out Now

Those people who are using Windows Vista or Server 2008 will be rejoicing now as Microsoft has announced the availability of the Service Pack 2 Beta. Of course, not everyone can get it. Only MSDN and TechNet people will be able to access the SP through the CPP (Customer Preview Program). Details of the changes […]

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