HTC HD2 Rumored to Get Windows Mobile 7

This is not the first time I heard about this rumor (cannot reveal source). It seems that another source has also received the same information that HTC HD2 is getting Windows Mobile 7. It seems that HTC HD2 has quality the basic requirement for Windows Mobile 7. Therefore, when Windows Mobile is to be released […]

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HTC HD2 Crashes, Many Times. Do You Have This Problem? – Video Within

Barely one week after getting my HTC HD2, I realized that HTC Sense tend to crash. However, good news is that it will restart itself and pretend that nothing has happened, except that I have turned on Microsoft Error Report sending.

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Augment Reality on Windows Mobile Phones – Video Within

I am still not used to calling Windows Mobile Phone as Windows Phone. Anyway, this post is about Augmented Reality on Windows Mobile phones. You have seen many Augmented Reality software on iPhones or Android phones. However, it is rare to find developers developing software on Augment Reality for Windows Mobile. Here, you have a […]

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HTC HD2 Review – HTC Sense, Tweaks, Hotfixes – Video Within

I got hold of my HTC HD2 just a week ago and I am loving it every moment. When HTC chooses Capacitive Touchscreen over Resistive, I am delighted. With my HTC Touch HD, I already stopped using the stylus. Now, with that massive 4.3-inch Capacitive Touchscreen, it is a joy. The camera has one of […]

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iSlate, Magic Slate May Be the Name of Rumored Apple Tablet

People are digging deep into Apple records. First, they found patent applications on some cool multi-touch and tactile feedback that may be used on the Apple Tablet (if it exist) and now, they found some records showing that Apple has in fact squat on some URL with the name iSlate.

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Christmas Tree Burns Room in Less Than 60 secs – Video Within

Christmas parties are still going round the world. However, amidst all the parties, be careful of your fake Christmas tree. Made of plastics, coupled with electrical lighting and presents under it, it becomes a very combustible material if it catches fire (due to short-circuit or etc).

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Apple Patent Application shows Tactile Feedback and Multi-touch on Tablet Device

Apple is filing Patent on some of its innovation on tactile feedback and multi-touch. It seems that if this is true, you are able to feel tactile feedback when you touches the screen. And also, the multi-touch involves not only 2 fingers but from the diagram, 4 fingers at the same time. More after the […]

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Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Let me take this opportunity to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone. Thanks for the support of my blog and May all your wishes come true! It is a great year and going to be better. Once again, wishing everyone a joyous Christmas!

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Google Nexus One Specs Out, Should be On Sale Soon

The all hype up leaked information has turned another notch up. Now, we have the specs for this Google Nexus One that HTC manufactured. One glance of the specs shows that it is better or equivalent to HTC HD2. More after the break.

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OLPC XO-3 Is Refreshing Concept Tablet Device

OLPC (One Laptop Per Children) has been on-going for quite some time. Its first version is a bulky device. However, recently, another version, OLPC  XO-3 was revealed and it looks awesome. Of course, it is not a real product but a concept device by designer, Yves Behar, that should be made available in 2012.

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Win a Facebook Robotic Penguin – Pingo – Free Giveaway! – Video Within

If you remember, I have blogged about MyDeskFriend, the cute little Penguin that can connect to your Facebook account. Gadgetlite is now having a free giveaway for this little Penguin, Pingo. If you wish to try your luck on it, just comment on its blog and wait for the good news!

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50 HTC Touch Windows Mobile Phone Playing Christmas Song – Video Within

When happens when 50 HTC Touch Windows Mobile Phones come together and get handled by an Artist. You get a hanging sculpture called “Mobile Mobile” that plays Christmas songs using them. Thanks to the creativity of James Theopane. Video after the break.

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HTC HD2 Calendar View Update Available for Download

HTC HD2 can now display Calendar in Year view. This is something that was easily found on HTC HD2 support page. Thanks to YKLee who informed me via Twitter. Link after the break.

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