Magic Mouse Works on Jailbroken iPad Via Bluetooth – Video Within

Many people actually mentioned that iPad is a big iPhone. No doubt that most of the apps are able to work with iPad and it looks like a big iPhone. Some smart people quickly implement the steps of using a mouse on an iPhone into iPad and guess what, it works.

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LEGO Mindstorms NXT with Motorola Droid Solved Rubik Cube in 24 Seconds – Video Within

This shows that you do not need sophisticated robot to solve Rubik Cube puzzle. ARM has shown the world that that can do it with Motorola Droid and LEGO Mindstorms NXT. Of course not as fast as some robots but still commendable at 24 seconds. Watch the video after the break.

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Sony Walkman Event at Orchard Central

Was invited by Sony Singapore for their launch of Sony Walkman NWZ-W252. NWZ-W252 is a water resistant Walkman. It is the upgraded version of its previous model. The event was a short one and every attendee walks away with one of them.

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Street Fighter Legacy, Fan Made Movie – Video Within

I think this fan made Street Fighter Legacy is much better than some Hollywood production. From their costumes to choosing the main character, Ryu and Ken, you can see a lot of effort had been put into this short film.

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Apple iPad Coming to Singapore in July 2010

I don’t know if you can wait that long. Apple has issued a press release to announce International iPad availability (in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK) from 28th May. Singapore is not inside this list. However, as you read on, you can see that Apple is planning to release […]

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Growth of Social Media Explained in Video – Video Within

I love this kind of video. It explained the explosion of Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and others in less than 4 minutes. However, I think they can do better with better quality audio.

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SingTel scores broadcast rights to the 2010 FIFA World Cup

Hot News from Singtel. Singtel got the rights to 64 matches for 2010 FIFA World Cup, and it will be shown in HD. News Release after the break.

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Sony Debuts Latest Wearable Walkman, NWZ-W252, Featuring Water Resistance

Just attended the launch of Sony’s latest wearable Walkman, NWZ-W252. For those who are familiar, this is an upgraded version of the previous model. It now sports Water Resistance capability. The retail price is S$129. See the Press Release after the break.

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Will ExoPC Be the iPad Killer? Price and Launch Date Within

Microsoft Courier is dead. HP Slate is still hanging at an unknown status (some says that the project has halted or even canned). It seems that I can only pin my hope on ExoPC, which runs on Windows 7 and has the specs better than a netbook (myu opinion) with a 11.6-inch capacitive touchscreen.

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Samsung Presents Marchesa At Audi Fashion Festival Singapore 2010

Received this media release from Samsung. FYI. SAMSUNG CELEBRATES FASHION IN STYLE, PRESENTING MARCHESA AT THE AUDI FASHION FESTIVAL SINGAPORE 2010 Event                        : Marchesa Presented by Samsung, Audi Fashion Festival Singapore 2010 Event Date/Time : 30th April 2010, Friday, 9pm till late Venue                       : […]

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Yahoo “It’s You” Advertisement is NOT for Me – Video Within

I don’t understand how this advertisement is going to hurt Google. Nevertheless, WSJ is saying that Yahoo is spending US$85 million to takes a swipe at Google and tries to drive people to Yahoo sites. For the start, I am not switching, and even more after watching this video cluttered with little icons.

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Google Chrome Faster than Potato, Sound Wave and Lightning – Video Within

You may know that Google Chrome loads fast. However, Google wanted to prove it to you using physical objects, namely, Potato Cannon, Sound Waves and Lightning, as a scale on how fast their Chrome browser loads.

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Ellen Landed in Hot Water for Making a Joke on iPhone Commercial – Video Within

I think Ellen’s spoof on iPhone is funny. Although it shows that she made mistakes in using the phone, it does not show that the iPhone is difficult to use. Nevertheless, Apple is not thrill at this and I guess the best thing that Ellen has to do on her Ellen Degeneres Show is to […]

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