Quadrotors Building Structures with Teamwork – Video Within

If you think flying quadrotor is tricky, watch how a swarm of quadrotors built a structure with teamwork autonomously.

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How To Watch 3D Content Without Shutter Glasses – Video Within

Seriously, I am not super excited over his technology of watching 3D content without the shutter glasses. Instead of using the standard shutter glasses, this French person actually uses electrical signal to blink the eyes. So, your eye lids become the shutter and you will be able to enjoy 3D content. At first, I thought […]

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Infographic on Year 2010

Here is a nice infographic from the folks at Fork Party. Nice summary on some major events in 2010…

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Cops Searching for Possible Cure for Cancer – Video Within

Police are now searching for a laptop that might contain the cure for prostrate cancer. This is a sad news. University Researcher, Sook Shin, is devastated..

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Sony NEX-5 becomes NEX-5D in Gold Color

Sony has made NEX-5 in gold available from February. It seems to be in limited quantity and available in Japan only. And the price is not fixed…

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Trend Micro Titanium Review and Facebook Contest

I believe the mention of Anti-Virus software is going to get people thinking about cost, slow down of computers and the mentality of “I can get free version..

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iOS 4.3 beta for Devs Come with AirPlay Support to Apps and Personal Hotspot

Good news for iPhone users. iOS 4.3 Beta has been released to developers. This new iOS now comes wth Airplay Video supports to Apps to your Apple TV. And the..

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New Free Apps for LG Windows Phone 7 Devices

Today, I took a look at the LG Apps Store on my LG Windows Phone 7 device (Optimus 7) and got a nice surprise. Seems that LG is fulfilling its commitment..

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Kaspersky Top 5 Internet Security Predictions for 2011

Kaspersky just sent in their top 5 Internet Security predictions for the year 2011. Try to match your predictions and see if they are close to theirs…

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Ego-Kits Retrofit Your Bike into An Electrical One – Video Within

If you think that the current electric bicycles are ugly or doesn’t fit your bill, why not install Ego-Kit into your existing bike and get..

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Windows Phone 7 Update Makes Apps Loading Faster – Video Within

In this video, it shows two Samsung WP7 devices with similar settings. The difference is the OS. One has the updated WP7 OS while the other is the..

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Verizon iPhone 4 has Built-In Personal WiFi Hotspot

Wow, the only surprise on Verizon iPhone 4 today is that it doesn’t have LTE in it. However, there is a nice feature added in it. WiFi hotspot that can..

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World of Warcraft: Cataclysm One-Month Sales Top 4.7 Million

Received the news that World of Warcraft®: Cataclysm™ sold more than 4.7 millions copies in the first month of release. More information after the break..

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