Yahoo Sketch-a-Search App for Your iPhone – Video Within

Yahoo has launched a new app for iPhone. It is called the Yahoo Sketch-a-Search. As the names implies, use your finger to circle the area where you would like to receive information and it will retrieve them.

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BlackBerry BIS 3.0 Upgrade, Have You Got Yours?

According to Gizmodo, BlackBerry has upgraded its BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) to 3.0. I am not a BlackBerry user, has it been upgraded? Please let us know if you are already having BIS 3.0.

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Get the First Glimpse of iPad App Store – Video Within

The official shipping date for iPad is just a short while away (3rd April 2010) and if you order now, the shipping date had been pushed back to the 12th April 2010. Nevertheless, it is still nice to see the new Apple iPad App Store in video (although you have been shown the screenshots of […]

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HTC HD2 With Windows Phone 7 OS Spotted, Nice!

While the official reply from Microsoft seems to be fixed that HTC HD2 will NOT get Windows Phone 7 OS as it does not match the basic requirement for the new OS. Nevertheless, fans of HTC HD2 did not stop on it and finally, developers from Russia were able to port the new Windows Phone […]

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Leaked Apple iPad Store Screenshots Appear

Just before the official shipping of iPad on the 3rd April, some screenshots of the iPad store appear. As you may (or may not) know, the iPad will have apps that it catered for it (and not your iPhone). Some mentioned that as the HD version of the apps. So, it is no surprise that […]

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pCubee is a 3D Box in Your Hand – Video Within

Meet pCubee. It is a box with no other special function except that it allows you to see the things in 3D. When you turn the box and look through the windows, it shows the correct perspective. Quite amazing for this little box. Watch the video after the break.

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Microsoft Latest LifeCam HD-5000 Review – Video Within

If you wanted to buy a webcam for your desktop or laptop, checkout this review on Microsoft latest LifeCam HD-5000 review. Based on the review, it seems to perform quite decently. However, when recording in HD format (720p), it actually utilizes quite a bit of CPU power.

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Apple iPhone 4G May Have LTE?

First of all, I have to admit. No one knows whether the next iPhone is called iPhone 4G or not. Now, according to Engadget, Apple has made a job Posting for a  “Cellular Technology Software Manager” with “expert knowledge of… WCDMA/UMTS, HSPA, HSPA+, LTE etc”. Of course, no mention of iPhone but everyone is speculating […]

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JooJoo Tablet is Ready for Shipping, Pre-Order Available but..

Finally, the JooJoo tablet is ready for shipping and should reach US by 29th March 2010. JooJoo has made a lot of attention NOT because of its features but because of its pending lawsuit with TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington. During the recent weeks, it made a few tweaks to the UI and finally, it seems that […]

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LG Unveils World’s First Full LED 3D TV, Media Release Within

Fresh from LG. LG has unveiled the World’s first full LED 3D TV in Korea. According to the media release, Singapore will be getting it from May 2010. Press Release after the break.

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George Bush Wiping Hand on Bill Clinton’s Shirt Video Goes Viral – Video Within

I guess George Bush never see it coming when he did it. Apparently, during a visit to Haiti, George Bush and Bill Clinton made a few handshakes. In one of the video captured, Bush was seen wiping his hand on Clinton’s shirt. That is really… tsk, tsk..

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HTC Legend Coming to Singapore Soon, Pricing and Press Release Within

Just received the Press Release for HTC Legend, the latest Android phone from HTC. It sports a new Sense UI (User Interface) and Android 2.1 OS. It will be sold at a suggested retail price of S$798 and will be available from early April.

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Only 20 Seconds to Hack Into iPhone SMS Database

Bad news for iPhone users. 2 person actually hacked into the iPhone SMS database in 20 seconds. What they did was to get the iPhone into a malicious website and with no other input of the user, they were able to steal the entire database, inclusive of the send, received and deleted SMSes.

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