ESPN STAR Sports launches ESPN Player and ESPN HD with SingTel mio TV in Singapore

Received this news from Singtel. ESPN Star Sports, together with Singtel mio TV, have launched ESPN Player and ESPN HD. More details after the break.

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US$20K Diamond Edition White iPhone 4 May Solve Reception Issue

I guess if this diamond studded iPhone 4 can cover the side like a bumper casing, it might just solve the reception issue for iPhone 4. Of course, you will have to pay premium price of USD20K for it. BTW, the Stuart Hughes website is not accessible at the moment. Not sure why. (source)

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McCoy Programmable Mini Robot Can Do Many Tricks – Video Within

McCoy has been bringing in a lot of products recently. I have seen them at PC Show recently. Now, at CommunicAsia 2010 in June, one of their products caught my eyes. It is a programmable robot that I guess could be used for educational purposes. It has over 100 joints and programmable for any purpose.

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Farmville Groceries Go Real, Selling at 7-Eleven

Zynga has done it again. They have transport Farmville from PC to iPhone. Now, they have made those groceries on Farmville real. And they will be selling at 7-Eleven stores. This is not a joke. However, I guess it will be in the States. Will you buy these products? (source)

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HTC HD2 Android and Ubuntu Builds Ready for Download

For those brave ones and tired of WinMo on HTC HD2, you might want to have a try to run the HD2 on Android or Ubuntu. XDA Forum has release the builds for brave ones to download.

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LG Will Launch Android Tablet in Q4

This news in from LG Korea (after translation). They have plan for an Andriod tablet in Q4. There is no mention if the Tablet would come with Froyo (Android 2.2) or not.

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Very Realistic Mask, Be Careful Who You Are Talking to – Video Within

This mask is super realistic. I thought this kind of mask could exist only in movie like Mission Impossible series. Now, it seems that those guys at SPFXmasks has done a good job. Watch the video. Awesome!

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Facebook to Add Face Detection, You Are Not Safe

Facebook is adding new features. They are going to relieve the “stress” of tagging your friends. Imagine the process of tagging your friends, photo after photo. Now, Facebook is saying that they will help to do it.

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Glider Robot can Perch on Tree, Flies in Swarm – Video Within

Mirko Kovac of the Switzerland-based EPFL Laboratory of Intelligent Systems explains in a video the concept of this Glider Robot.  Basically at 4.6 grams, it can perch on any surfaces and can detach itself using a motor gearbox.

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Microsoft InstaLoad Battery Technology Allows you to Insert Batteries in Any Direction

Who has trouble inserting batteries to your devices in the dark and wish that you can just insert those batteries in whichever direction that you like. Now, Microsoft seems to have the technology to solve this issue. Introducing InstaLoad.

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Free WiFi at Starbucks in US and Canada from 1st July

This news might be a little to old. Nevertheless, since I am in US right now, I might just update everyone about it. From 1st July 2010, Starbucks will provide fuss-free WiFi hotspot for everyone. Just like what we have in Singapore (Wireless@SG) but much simpler.

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NTT DoCoMo Children Phone With Emergency Function – Video Within

When I first saw the NTT DoCoMo children phone, it immediately reminds me of another phone that is made in Singapore. However, if I am a child, I would definitely choose NTT DoCoMo’s model. It is bright in color, has colorful menus with camera and an emergency function for the peace of mind for parents.

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Nexus One Gets Another Android 2.2 Froyo Update to FRF91

It was just a few days ago that Google updated Nexus One with Android 2.2 Froyo (Built: FRF85). Now, Google is pushing out another update,  FRF91 OTA.

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