Hotmail Sends Email to Deleted Folder?

Are you NOT getting emails from your Hotmail? If yes, you might want to check the “deleted folder” because according to source, many people encountered this..

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Singapore Army Skyblade III Mini UAV – Video Within

Singapore Army has introduced a new toy to the scouts platoon. It is the Skyblade III mini UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). Although it is not new…

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Meizu M9 Launch Similar to Apple iPhone Craze – Video Within

At first glance, you would not have believe that this is Meizu M9 launch in China. The queue is amazing long. Meizu has always be linked to iPhone…

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DIY Lightsaber is Absolutely Beautiful – Video Within

This DIY lightsaber is very well made. According to the person, he took 2 months to finish this project. The details are carefully built, including a crystal..

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iPhone Alarm Not Working After New Year Day, You Can Fix it Temporarily

This is not good. If you rely on your iPhone to remind you on things using the one time off function, check it again. Most probably it cannot function correctly

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Leaked Olympus E-PL2 Picture shows Interesting Macro Light

A new leaked Olympus E-PL2 picture surfaced on the Internet. No much detail about it except that it has a tentacle-like spot lights that might act as macro..

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Welcome 2011, Thanks For The Support

Time flies. It is already the starting of a brand new year. I take this opportunity to say a Very Happy New Year to everyone. As usual, I would like to..

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Chicken is a Better Image Stabilizer than Others? – Video Within

Who would have thought that a chicken has better stabilization than many others things. Watch this video on how a chicken with a video cam mount on the head..

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Skype Apologize by Giving Out Voucher

Skype apparently is very sincere in their apology over the outage recently. They actually send out e-voucher for customers to redeem. I am also one of them..

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Get RunKeeper Pro Free for iPhone and Android

Quick, download RunKeeper Pro for FREE now. Usual price is US$10 but now the developer is giving it out for free for a limited period only…

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Asus Teases More with EP121, EP102, EP101 and EP71

It seems that Asus is going to show different build of tablets based on the diagram shown. Be prepared for EP121, EP102, EP101 and EP71…

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Skype Video Calling for iPhone is Official

Video calling for Skype is now official. You can now use video function of Skype on your iPhone…

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3D Printing a Concert Flute – Video Within

In future, only machines work in Factory. No human intervention needed. Watch how a complicated concert flute can be made using 3D printing.

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