Cosplay and Blog to a Dream Halloween in HONG KONG!

Received this Press Release. If you are into Cosplay or if you blog, you may stand a chance to win a trip to Hong Kong and get to party with Cosplayers across Asia. Read on for the details.

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HTC Global Launch on 15th September, What Could It Be?

Just received an email from HTC to watch out for more information on a Global Launch this 15th September. It is the same invite that I blogged about a while ago. Click on picture to see the bigger pic. What could it be? HTC Desire HD?

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Panasonic Announces AF105 Micro Four Third Camcorder

Panasonic’s AF100 (or AF105 in Europe) is slated to be the first in the World to have Micro Four Third system camcorder. That means if you have Panasonic’s Micro Four Third DSLR, you can use their lenses on this AF100.

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Leaked Pictures of Acer Dual Screen Laptop Surfaced

Pictures showing an Acer laptop with dual screen is making its round on the Internet. It shows 2 screen with one as the keyboard. From source, both are capacitive touch screen.

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70 Percent Android Phone Users using Android 2.x OS

Wow, this is fast. About 70% of all active Android phone users are using Android 2.0 or higher OS, based on Android Developers’ report.

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Windows Phone 7 Device Update, HTC Trophy and LG LE900 in Picture

Windows Phone 7 news is coming everyday. We have seen the funeral of iPhone by Microsoft. Now, we have GCF (Global Certification Forum) showing LG LE900. Here is a picture of Vodafone inventory showing HTC Trophy. No specs on it though.

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LG Plasma 3D TV with THX Certification

During the IFA 2010 and LG Blogger Forum, I got the chance to understand the latest Plasma technology from their technical people. I learned a lot from them.

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Skateboard Build like a Tank, Watch It – Video Within

It looks like a skateboard, a skate scooter, a Segway and it works like a tank. Able to go through terrain and cut through snow, meet DTV (Dual Track Vehicle) Shredder.

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LG 3D Sound and 3D Projector Overview

This is another part of the program in the LG Blogger Forum. It is the introduction of the LG 3D sound and its 3D projector. First of all, I have to claim that I am no audiophile and this post is actually some basic information. You got to hear or see it yourself. LG 3D […]

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Levis Curve ID Campaign Use Models’ Butt to do the Selling – Video Within

Levis has done a campaign on their new range of custom-fit women’s jeans call Curve ID. To dramatized the campaign, Levis got 30 models to pose on windows and using their butt to spell out the words.

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Pentax Optio NB1000 Camera Decorates Itself with Nanoblock

The latest Pentax Option NB1000 looks normal with the specs. But it really makes head turn with its ability to use Nanoblock (like Lego) to decorate the surface.

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LuvPad AD100 Android 2.2 10-inch with Tegra 2 to Reach Japan Soon – Video Within

Japan will soon have another Android Tablet to their collection. Mouse Computer is bringing in LuvPad AD100 that is powered bt Android 2.2 (Froyo) and Tegra 2.

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Why iPad Can Never Replace the Newspaper – Video Within

This might be the reason why iPad can never replace the real newspaper. Anyway, it is meant to be funny and fun. Watch it.

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