HTC Introduces Smart to Singapore Market, Press Release Within

Received the Press Release for HTC Smart this morning. HTC Smart is Brew Mobile Platform and it is meant for the lower end market. HTC Smart will be available in three colours – Black, White and Pink* from end April at all authorized resellers at a suggested retail price of S$358**.

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HTC HD Mini Review – Walkthrough – Video Within

I have returned the HTC HD Mini already. This video was taken 2 days ago. In this video, I have a short walkthrough on the HTC HD Mini Sense UI and also check out the camera and video function.

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Use These Apps if Your are Blogging from an iPad

Can you do decent blogging on an iPad? I remembered Mashable doing a post on blogging from the iPad. It seems that it is not that easy. However, with the size of the iPad, most bloggers would love to carry one to blog about things while on the move. While surfing the net, I saw […]

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iPad Fitted into a Toyota Tacoma – Video Link

The SoundMan has fitted an iPad into his Toyota Tacoma. As you know, iPad is not small. So, a lot of work has to be done to fit in into the dash board. Apart from the iPad, he had also installed Audison Bit One sound processor and McIntosh MMC406M 6-channel amp to ensure that the […]

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Apple 8th April Event to Talk About iPhone OS 4.0

Apple is going to hold an event on the 8th April 2010. It says “a sneak peek into the future iPhone OS” with a shadow of a 4 behind. Naturally speaking, everyone will think that this is the iPhone OS 4 event. Coincidentally, Microsoft is holding an event on the 12th April and I guess […]

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PopCap Plants Vs Zombies HD App Available for Apple iPad Now

Received this Media Release from PopCap. Plants vs Zombies is now available for Apple iPad. More information after the break. BTW, this picture is not the official pic. I just capture it from their official website.

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Teardown of An Apple iPad, Gruesome yet Artistic

This day will come. iFixIt has always been in the frontline to grab the latest gadgets and dissect them apart for everyone to see the innards. This time, without fail, they got their Apple iPad and immediately went on to dissect it. In my opinion, Apple’s design and quality shown on the iPad is really […]

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HP Slate Specification and Price Leaked

Just a while ago, HP showed us a short clip on their latest Slate. Now, someone actually leaked out their internal comparison chart between the Slate and the iPad. Obviously, Slate is here to battle iPad. However, the specs leave me to wonder if there is a real fight or not.

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Blendtec Did Not Really Blend the Apple iPad – Video Within

I am always amazed by Blendtec innovation on selling their products. However, this time, I think they pushed too hard. This episode is suppose to blend the iPad. However, if you look carefully, the one that they put inside the blender may be without the hard cover.

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HP Slate Appears in 30 Seconds Video – Video Within

We have heard about HP Slate since February 2010 and till date, little has been heard about it. Now, HP has done a 30-secs teaser to show you what iPad do not have, USB port, SD card slot and of course, camera on board the Slate. Watch this short clip after the break.

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Nuffnang Bloggers’ Symposium, Sponsored by Canon, is a Success!

Finally, the Nuffnang Bloggers’ Symposium, sponsored by Canon, is over. It was touted as the first Bloggers’ Symposium in Singapore and I was glad to be one of the guest speakers for it. From the turn out , it is a success. Here is my limited coverage of the event using Canon PowerShot S90 (the […]

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Lady Gaga’s Poker Face and Beyonce’s Irreplaceable Performed on iPhone – Video Within

I remembered just a while ago, I blogged about this girl, PixelTea, from China using iPhone apps  as instruments to make music for her songs. Now, it seems like Korea has such a star too. This time, she (Applegirl002) played it live with 4 iPhones and she has a beautiful voice (and she sings in […]

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Vote Your Favorite Dream and Photo and Win Prizes

Remember the Sony make.believe contest? It is over. If you have entered, you might be one of the lucky winners. However, if you have not, here is your chance to win some prizes.

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