Tesla Model P85 D is the super car everyone wants (video)

Fully electric, 0 to 60 miles in 3.2 s, 2 motors (AWD), 17-inch dashboard display, autopilot with Radar, Sonar, Camera. That is some of the specs of Tesla D..

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Sony introduces BRAVIA S9000B 4K Ultra HD TV with curve screen

Today, Sony announced the availability of the 65-inch BRAVIA S9000B 4K Ultra HD Television that has a contoured screen. It is available right now in Singapore..

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Amazing high tech Halloween costumes that will blow your mind (video)

Halloween is just round the corner. If you want to impress (or frighten) your friends with your Halloween outfits, check out Morphsuits’ range..

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Apple iPad event on the 16th October?

Apple has sent out the invite to an event on the 16th October. As usual, it has a tagline and this time, it says “It’s been way too long.”. We suspected that..

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Asiasoft’s For The Tribe now available on iOS and Android

For iOS users who are waiting patiently for Asiasoft game, For The Tribe, the wait is over. It is now on both platform, iOS and Android. You can download it..

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HTC announces HTC Desire EYE and HTC RE Action Camera (video)

HTC announces the HTC Desire EYE, touted as a selfie phone with its 2 13-MPX cameras, and also announced the HTC RE Action Camera that has a super unique shape..

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HTC to launch new smartphone at Double Exposure Event today?

The day has arrived. HTC is about to unveil some products at the Double Exposure event that might or might not change the way people look at them. Based on the..

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Pronto battery can pack enough juice for 1 iPhone charge in 5 mins (video)

Power Practical’s Pronto – Fast Charge Battery can be fully charged in an hour (13,500mAh or 4,500mAh) and can juice up an iPhone 5 by just a 5 min charging…

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Talk to your Future Self of 20 years Now

This is supposedly me in 20 years time. I have aged a lot. Thankfully I still look slim. Don’t you want to have a peek of yourself in the future (20 years in..

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Samsung launches Samsung GALAXY YOUNG 2 to battle China phones

As you may already know, Samsung always has many variation of their Samsung GALAXY Series. Today, they announced an entry level phone at a very desirable price point for those who wanted a taste of owning a smartphone. Check out the Samsung GALAXY YOUNG 2.

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Picture of HTC Nexus 9 leaked

Nexus 9 is rumored to be made by HTC. Now, this picture confirmed more about the outlook of the HTC Nexus 9 tablet. The body is not made of aluminum according..

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Blink blink Swarovski and stylish Mont Blanc accessories for Samsung

If there is one thing about the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 World Tour event, it will be the accessories endorsed by Swarovski and Mont Blanc..

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Check out what illnesses is in your neigborhood with free MHC Live map

When you see the map with patches of red, yellow, orange and green, you may think it is a game or a scene from some epidemic movies. It is not but in some sense..

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