Sennheiser unveils New SPORTS Headphones

Check out the latest Sennheiser SPORTS Headphones. The MX 686 SPORTS retails at S$89, while the CX 686 SPORTS, PMX 686 SPORTS and OCX 686 SPORTS retail at S$149

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Xiaomi launching phone, live stream from India

Xiaomi is launching a global phone this coming Thursday. And for the first time, Xiaomi is having a global Mi phone premiere in New Delhi, India. It will be at..

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Singtel First in the world to trial AirTies Wi-Fi Mesh Technology

Say goodbye to dead WiFi zones. Selected Singtel users will be the first in the world to test out the Wi-Fi Mesh Technology with ‘client steering’ soon. I do..

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Be the First to Test Drive the LG G4 for 30 Days

50 consumers will be one of the first in Singapore to test drive the all new LG G4 for 30 days. To be selected, you will need to submit your particulars..

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Woman found her doppelganger online (video)

Three friends made a bet in March to find someone who looks like themselves in 28 days. In just 2 weeks into the competition, Niamh found her match, Karen..

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Do you want a Smartphone with a cluster of camera modules?

No matter where you go, I am sure you will take out your smartphone to take a quick shot at something interesting. A new company, Light, is going to do..

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ASUS launches ZenFone 2 in Singapore with 4 GB RAM

ASUS is launching the ASUS ZenFone 2 in 3 different models. They are ZE500CL, ZE550ML and ZE551ML. More information in the blog post..

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Segway acquired by Chinese Company, Ninebot

Ninebot, a Chinese company, has acquired Segway, an American company. Ninebot is a company that makes PEVs. Ninebot One is my favorite..

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Stream Android Content Wirelessly to your TV with Noontec F2C

Check out the mini size Noontec F2 ScreenCast MiraCast HDMI Dongle (F2C). With F2C, you can connect it to the HMDI port of your TV and stream your Android..

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Win Prizes with LINE Official Account Partner: EZ-Link

LINE announces its latest Official Account partner: EZ-Link Pte Ltd. With the partnership, a lucky draw within the EZ-Link Official Account will be held daily..

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Review: YotaPhone 2 with Electronic Paper Display

It is my first time to review a phone with dual screen (and one of them is an EPD (Electronic Paper Display) or many are more familiar with the term e-Ink..

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Jawbone UP3 is no longer swim-friendly, shipping date announced

When Jawbone announced Jawbone UP3 last year, I was actually quite excited that another tracker is coming into the market and for the fact that it has 10..

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ASUS Transformer Book T100 Chi availability in Singapore

The news of the smaller Transformer Book T100 Chi is out. It will be available from 15th April at S$599 from all ASUS authorized dealers and resellers..

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