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Infographic: How to Find Google Hidden Games

Want to find those hidden games by Google? Check out this infographic. Have to admit, I did not know some of them :) .

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Infographic: What is HDR TV?

Here is an infographic on the future of TV – HDR TV. You might be able to learn a thing or two about what is HDR TV and how you choose them..

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Infographic: All About Pokémon Go

Here is an interesting Infographic on Pokémon Go. Like it or not, it is here and I believe you have seen scores of “Pokémon Go Zombies” roaming the streets..

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Infographic: Pi Day on 22/7

Did you know that Pi Day is on 22/7 or 22nd July? And do you know how to get the most accurate fraction to approximate Pi? Hint: It is not 22 divided by 7. Check out this Infographic by Parallels.  

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Infographic: 10 Apps to Change the Way You Decorate

If you are moving house or wanted to re-decorate your room/house, one of the ways is to use the Internet to search for ideas. However, that will be very tedious

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