Android Pay is Here in Singapore, 10 Things You Need To Know

Android Pay just arrived Singapore this morning. Apart from Apple Pay or Samsung Pay, Android ...

Now You Can Speak To Your Ultimate Ears Speakers

If you own the UE BOOM 2 or the UE MEGABOOM, here is the good news. With the updated app, you can now speak to them (Siri on iOS or Google Now Voice on Android)

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Kashmi Launches Group Pay Just in Time for Euro Cup

If you do not like to remind friends to pay their share after a meal, Kashmi can help. From 25th June, Kashmi will be able to accept Group Pay. With Group Pay..

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Battery Efficiency: Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome (video)

Today, I received some disturbing news. My favorite Chrome browser is actually sucking battery from my laptop. Should I be worried? Should I change my browser..

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Waterproof Your Apple Watch with Catalyst Apple Watch Case

The Catalyst Apple Watch Case, at S$99 each, allows you to waterproof your favorite Apple Watch and add a dash of style to it. There are three style, Stealth..

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Preview: Robi (Prototype) in Singapore Now (Video)

Remember Robi, the Singlish speaking robot that I blogged about a few days ago. I managed to get my hands on Robi (prototype) for Singapore market before it..

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LG Introduces X power, X mach, X style and X max (video)

LG introduces new additions to its X series – X power, X mach, X style and X max, each with unique features that cater for the need of the users. For example..

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OnePlus 3 Available in Singapore from July

The OnePlus 3 smartphone will be available in Singapore from July 2016. This is the third edition of OnePlus. Previously, you will need to score an invite to..

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Singlish Speaking Robot Robi Arrives in Singapore (video)

My favorite robot has come to Singapore under a new name, Robi, and a new look. This Singapore version will be able to speak English, Chinese and Singlish..

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Pay with ez-link card on Premier Taxis using Unified POS system

Premier Taxis launched a new unified POS system that accepts ez-link and other contact/contactless modes of payment. This is great news for consumers as they..

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Goodmans Heritage II Connect and Portable Available in Singapore

Check out these vintage-looking Heritage II Connect and Heritage II Portable speakers by Goodmans. It is available now in Singapore at Ant? stores. Do not let..

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Do you Know WhatsApp has a Reply Feature?

Not sure when it started, WhatsApp now has a reply feature (for mobile only at the moment, not sure about WhatsApp desktop app ). This is really good if you..

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Panasonic introduces World’s First Rugged Detachable Toughbook CF-20

Looking for tough laptop with detachable screen? Check out the Panasonic Toughbook CF-20, a 10.1-inch multi-touch screen suitable for workers who need to..

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Samsung Launches Samsung Pay in Singapore (video)

Today, at Galaxy Studio, Samsung launches Samsung Pay. Samsung Pay will be available from 16th June 2016. Selected phone models will be able to utilize..

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