SingTel announces Price Plan and ROI date for Samsung GALAXY Note 4 4G+

SingTel customers, the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 4G+ will be available for ROI from tomorrow ...

Sentosa introduces free WiFi at selected areas

Now, you can use Wireless@SG to connect to the smart devices. They are available at the Beach Station, Imbiah Lookout, The Port of Lost Wonder and Mount Faber..

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Kids, if you bend an iPhone 6 Plus purposely, it will bend, get it? (video)

Some kids thought that it is a good idea to bend some iPhone 6 Plus but they crossed the line when they went inside an Apple store to bend some iPhone 6 Plus..

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This wearable Quadcopter, Nixie, might be a reality (video)

Check out Nixie, the wearable camera device that can, by the flip of your wrist, become a quadcopter. With its different modes, it is able to follow you, go..

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We are a step closer in creating the invisibility cloak (video)

While I was preparing to write a blog post on cloaking method, I found out something that might change the way we look at the invisibility cloak in Harry Potter..

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Nokia Lumia 830 with detachable battery and Wireless Charging available now

The latest Microsoft smartphone Nokia Lumia 830 on Windows Phone 8.1 is now available in Singapore. It has Wireless Charging, removable battery, OIS and an..

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Here is the leaked Budget GoPro HERO (video)

GoPro is going to introduce a new budget GoPro HERO camera. That is if these images are real. Based on the information, it is a very simple to use GoPro device..

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BlackBerry introduces square screen BlackBerry Passport in Singapore

BlackBerry announces the BlackBerry Passport in Singapore. It has a square 4.5-inch touch screen with QWERTY keyboard. Specs-wise, I think it looks good but it..

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You are the winner of the Dracula Untold Preview Tickets Giveaway

Thanks all for the participation. The results are in. We have the 3 winners for the Dracula Untold Preview Tickets Giveaway. The winners are..

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Will iPhone 6, HTC One (M8), Moto X, Lumia 1020 or iPhone 5s bend? (video)

The ultimate bend test is conducted on iPhone 6 (of course), HTC One (M8), Motorola Moto X, Nokia Lumia 1020 and finally, the previous iPhone version..

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iPhone 6 torture test building but it is no match for GALAXY Note 3 (video)

Apple has a building to perform stress tests on the units. However, that cannot be matched with this video of a Samsung GALAXY Note 3 being put into the same..

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OtterBox reveals Ultra-Protective cases for iPhone 6

Check out the latest protective casings from OtterBox. It has different range of protection depending on your needs. However, if you are an iPhone 6 Plus user..

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HTC might introduce a GoPro competitor camera (video)

HTC has uploaded a video with the title “Something Remarkable is Coming”. It shows a couple of scenes that might be taken with a small rugged camera (or at..

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My rant about e-Scooter and how you or the authority can help

In the article, it stated clearly that you are NOT ALLOWED to ride an e-Scooter literally anywhere in Singapore (except your own backyard, and you know that..

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